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Are you interested in adding a biology or general science minor to your degree? Undergraduate TWU students with a passion for the natural sciences now have several options to choose from.

(NEW) Neuroscience minor

Our new neuroscience minor is a cross-disciplinary minor for students who are interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the human brain. This minor pairs well with any major and is presented in collaboration with the TWU Department of Psychology & Philosophy.

Required courses

  • BIOL1113/1111 Principles of Biology I with lab
  • ZOOL3123/3121 Neuroanatomy and Physiology with lab
  • PSY1013 Introduction to General Psychology
  • PSY2133 Physiological Psychology

Elective courses (Choose any 2)

  • ZOOL3313 Biology of Aging
  • ZOOL4243/4241 Medical Physiology with lab
  • PSY2513 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY4103 Cognitive Psychology

(NEW) Pre-med minor

Are you pre-med? Not sure which classes you need for medical school? We've got you covered.

Our new pre-med minor is designed to support pre-health students who are majoring in a discipline outside of the natural sciences. This major includes standard prerequisite coursework for medical school, and it will also offer a strong foundation for students to prepare for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT).

Required courses will be available Fall 2020.

Biology minor

A minor in biology requires 18 semester credit hours, six of which must be advanced.

General science minor

The minor in general science also requires 18 hours, six of which must be advanced. These hours must be divided among three of the following: chemistry, biology, physics and science courses. If the major is biology or chemistry, the hours must be divided between two of the remaining three.

Need more information?

To learn more about our minors, please contact Kirsten Donohoo, undergraduate academic adviser, at kdonohoo@twu.edu or 940-898-3328.

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