Master of Science in Biology

Biology students working with a petri dish
Photo by Michael Modecki.

Our flexible, independent and research-focused master's program will allow you to conduct an in-depth exploration of the area you are most passionate about. As a graduate biology student, you will participate in interdisciplinary study under the guidance of dedicated faculty mentors, attend seminars featuring nationally and internationally recognized speakers, and present your research at regional and national conferences.

As a student pursuing your master's degree in biology, you will have two options.

  1. Thesis — a minimum of 30 semester credit hours, including six semester credit hours for thesis.
  2. Professional paper — 36 semester credit hours, including three semester credit hours for professional paper and six semester credit hours of education or equivalent coursework as approved by an advisory committee.

A minor of six semester credit hours also is required, and chemistry often is recommended. The final examination for each emphasis consists of an oral defense of the student's thesis or professional paper.

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