Honors Program

Honors Scholar Program

The Honors Scholar Program is for first-time-in-college students or students who have transferred from an honors program at another college or university. Honors Scholars participate in specially tailored coursework and extended educational opportunities.

Newly admitted Honors Scholars can receive an annual scholarship of $6500. Current TWU students can receive a $1500 Honors Achievement Scholarship.

Honors Scholars also complete a capstone project. Biology honors students complete their capstone projects by performing undergraduate research in the laboratory of a faculty member. For information about faculty research interests, please visit our Faculty and Staff page.

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Touchstone Honors Scholar Program

The Touchstone Honors Scholar Program is a unique honors program for transfer students. Touchstone Honors Scholars have the same types of enhanced educational opportunities as traditional Honors Scholars.

Newly admitted Touchstone Honors Scholars can receive an annual scholarship of $1,600. They may be able to combine the Touchstone Scholarship with a Transfer Scholarship of $2,000 (for a total of $3,600).

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