At the Texas Woman’s University Division of Biology, our goal is to promote a thorough understanding of the processes of life, its evolution and its diversity. We prepare students for careers, advanced graduate studies or professional training in the biological sciences.

Scientific Research Commons (SRC) building
The Division of Biology is located on the 3rd floor of the Scientific Research Commons (SRC) building on the corner of Bell Ave. and Texas St. Photo by Nathaniel Mills.

Why study Biology at TWU?

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Career outlook

Our bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs provide a foundation for success in a number of professional fields. Whether your interests lie in research, education, forensic science, healthcare, biotechnology, zoology or environmental conservation, a biology degree from Texas Woman’s University will prepare you for the rewarding career of your choice.

Occupation2016 Median SalaryEntry Level Education
Agricultural and food scientists $62,470 bachelor’s degree
Biochemists and biophysicists $82,150 doctoral or professional degree
Biological technicians $41,650 bachelor’s degree
Conservation scientists and foresters $60,220 bachelor’s degree
Environmental scientists and specialists $67,460 bachelor’s degree
Forensic science technicians* $56,320 bachelor’s degree
High school teachers $57,200  bachelor’s degree and state-issued certification or license
Kindergarten and elementary teachers $54,550  bachelor’s degree and state-issuedcertification or license
Medical and clinical laboratory technologists and technicians* $50,550  bachelor’s degree and a certificationor license
Medical scientists $82,240 doctoral or professional degree
Microbiologists $67,550 bachelor’s degree
Middle school teachers $55,860 bachelor’s degree and state-issued certification or license
Professor or postsecondary teachers** $72,470 master's or doctoral degree
Zoologists and wildlife biologists $59,680 bachelor’s degree

*Job outlook for 2014-24 rated as much faster than average.
** Job outlook for 2014-24 rated as faster than average.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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