Nathaniel C. Mills, Ph.D.

Professor and Radiation Safety Officer

Office: GRB 311
Office Phone: 940-898-2364
Lab Phone: 940-898-2363
Fax: 940-898-2382

Teaching Areas: Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology: Gene Expressions and Genetics and Inheritance, Endocrinology
Research Areas: Gene Expression in Male Reproductive Tissues


Degree   Date Institution Field
PhD 1975   Vanderbilt University Medical Physiology, Cell and Molecular Biology
BS 1969 Western Kentucky University   Chemistry and Biology

Major Academic/Research Interests

My long term focus has been hormonal regulation of gene expression in male reproductive tissues. While conducting some of this research over the last 10 years I have placed increased emphasis on developing and implementing technologies to permit more sensitive and accurate analysis of gene expression.

Courses and Teaching Responsibilities

Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Gene Expressions and Genetics and Inheritance, Endocrinology

Courses Taught

  • Biology 1012 (Human Biology)
  • Biology 1113 (Principles of Biology I)
  • Biol. 1123 (Principles of Biology II)
  • Biology 4813 (Cell, Molecular and Genetics)
  • Biology 4823 (Cell, Molecular and Genetics II)
  • Biology 5611 (Readings in Biology, weekly student presentations of research articles)
  • Biology 4903.01 (Introduction to Biomedical Research – Bridges Program)
  • Biology 5681 (Weekly biology Seminar)
  • Zoology 2013 (Principles of Anatomy and Physiology I)
  • Zoology 2023 (Principles of Anatomy and Physiology II)
  • Zoology 2033 (Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, one semester)
  • Zoology 3313 (Biology of Aging)
  • Zoology 5423 (Endocrinology)
  • Science 1003 (Fundamentals of Science)
  • Numerous courses for Masters in Teaching degrees and many independent studies and Research courses for both undergraduates and graduates.

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