Reports, Data, & References

Institutional Research and Data Management adheres strictly to Federal and State reporting guidelines. Therefore, it should be noted that data reports and references produced by IRDM could be based upon slightly differing sets of data definitions. Some data representations may differ from reports produced within this department and by other university entities. Where possible, the definitions have been included. Please contact IRDM with any questions.

Common Data Sets by academic year

The Common Data Set (CDS) represents a joint effort by The College Board, Peterson's, U.S. News & World Report, and Wintergreen/Orchard House to standardize data definitions and data elements commonly used in surveys of higher education institutions.

The CDS currently includes sections profiling institutions' general information, enrollment and persistence, freshman admission, transfer admission, academic offerings and policies, student life, expenses, and financial aid. To better understand the data that is being shown, please reference the Common Data Set Definitions that are listed at the end of each file.

Fact Sheets by calendar year

The Fact Sheet highlights summary data as of the fall semester of each year including budget items, student costs, financial aid, facilities, enrollment, degrees conferred, FTE, retention/graduation, faculty/staff, alumni, and library holdings.


  • The Academic Program Review (APR) contains historical data on acceptance, enrollment, semester credit hours, retention/graduation, degrees conferred, student and faculty FTE, faculty, and student/faculty ratios by department and college. Please contact Tracy Stegmair (IRDM) at for your customized departmental report.
  • The Acronyms, Terms, and Abbreviations [PDF] is a work-in-progress reference document that contains acronyms, terms, and abbreviations identified and/or discovered by the IRDM team along with the appropriate definition(s). Definitions with links that reference "(TWU)" will take you to the appropriate TWU webpage or document located on the TWU Website. Other links will be directed to "official" organization webpages outside of the TWU Website. If you would like to contribute to this document, please send an email to Nora Sierra (IRDM) at with your additions.

Historical Data Reports

Enrollment History Data Reports

Degrees Conferred Reports


  • The DASTAT (Daily Statistics) Report provides daily enrollment and semester credit hour information from the beginning of the term through the official census day of that term. Enrollment and semester credit hour data are available by major, department, college and school. Demographic data are available for enrollment. (login required)
    DASTAT (Daily Statistics) Report Guide [PDF]
  • Enrollment Comparison tables contain five years of comparative data including classification and level, full/part-time status, residence, campus/center (Denton, Dallas, and Houston), ethnicity, gender, age and top five counties, and can now be found in the Enrollment section of the Fact Book starting at page B7.
  • Majors Lists list students enrolled as of Census Day for each semester. These reports are used for cohorts for state and federal reports and are listed by semester for each academic year. 
  • Enrollment Pivot Tables provide a nice way to slice and dice data to produce a helpful visual display that will provide you with up to 10 years worth of enrollment data and offers you 17 ways to view the data. 

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