Accreditations Listing

The Accreditations Listing [PDF] shows programs by School/Department and College along with their associated degree levels and accrediting, approving, or certifying organization. In addition, the Accreditation Status is displayed with the last time the program was reviewed and when the next review will occur. Notice that the next review timeframe can range from 3 to 10 years from the last review.

Updates to the document are made when the Next Review date becomes current. Departments should notify IRDM about their new accreditation status upon completion of their accreditation review. IRDM will work with the departments to ensure that the information on the Accreditations Listing is accurate and up to date, as needed.

If your department would like assistance in gathering data for accreditation, please contact our office at 81-3039, send an email to, or request information by clicking on the Request Information tab located on the left selection panel and fill out the form.

Page last updated 4:55 PM, February 29, 2024