Institutional Research & Data Management

The Office of Institutional Research & Data Management (IRDM) provides information for reporting, planning, and decision-making activities of the institution. The office:

  • Develops and produces statistical and analytical reports
  • Maintains the official academic program inventory
  • Serves as the University data coordinator for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
  • Interprets data from a variety of sources for presentation and analysis
  • Ensures the integrity of student information for reporting and publishing
  • Provides technical assistance in the area of educational research, trend analysis, and student enrollment analysis
  • Maintains archival university-related research information
  • Completes surveys and reports related to admission, enrollment, accreditation, and grant proposals

Fall 2023 Enrollment

Undergraduate     10,260
Masters       4,037
Doctoral     15,664
Total     15,664

3.4 % Growth from 2014-2023


Degrees Awarded, 2022-2023

Bachelors    2,095
Masters   1,830
Doctoral   354
Total   4,279


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