Room Selection

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Room Selection for the 2024-2025 Academic Year is here! Current on campus residents will be able to complete their application/license in February and select a room in March. If you will be a new resident to campus housing, you will be able to start roommate matching in late February and select your room at the end of April. New Residents will have a special Instagram Live Session in mid-April to prepare you for room selection.

As you read through the information on this page, please be sure to know if you are a New Resident/Applicant OR a Current/Returning Resident/Applicant. Current/Returning are those living on campus at TWU for the Spring 2024 term. New are those who are NOT living on campus for the Spring 2024 Term.

Information Sessions & Events

The events listed below are intended for current TWU students enrolled in Spring 2024 classes. New future residents will be able to attend an Instagram Live event in mid-April.

Information Sessions

February 6, 2024 at 6 PM: Community Meetings with your Resident Assistant

February 12, 2024 at 6 PM: Instagram Live

February 15, 2024 at 5 PM: Bridges Auditorium, Student Union at Hubbard Hall

Wrangle your Room

February 20, 2024, 6-8 PM: Join Housing & Dining for an evening of tours, food, and giveaways. The Guinn Hall front desk, Stark Hall front desk, and Lowry Woods Community Center will have a welcome/information table set-up. Tours will depart every 10-15 minutes for a tour of that specific community. The event is come-and-go so you are able to make it to each community. 

Information Tables

Talk to a Room Selection expert in person! There will be a Housing & Dining table, filled with fun giveaways, at the following locations to help answer questions about Room Selection.

February 14, 11:30am – 1:30pm: Guinn Hall
February 19, 12 – 1pm: Dining Hall
February 22, 11:30am – 1:30pm: Stark Hall
February 27, 12 – 1pm: Dining Hall
February 28, 11am – 1pm: Hubbard Hall

Room Selection Steps

The steps for the Room Selection Process are below. In addition, please review the Step-By-Step guide to the process.

Step 1: Sign your License

Sign your license in your Housing Portal. New future residents may complete it now. Current residents may complete it starting February 12th.

Complete the 2024-2025 Resident Application & License in your Housing Portal. You must be an accepted student to TWU. New residents will pay a $50 application fee and $100 deposit.

  • Log in to the Housing Portal
  • Click on "Apply for Housing" from the top menu
  • Click "Apply" in the Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 box
  • Complete and submit the application & license. You will receive a confirmation email upon completion.

Step 2: Roommate Matching

Choose or add your roommate via Part 2 of the application in your Housing Portal. After completing Part 1 of your application & license, you will be able to access Part 2 for Roommate Matching.

NOTE: New future residents will also be able to complete Part 2 starting February 12th.

Completing Part 2 for roommate matching enables you to find your roommate or meet potential roommates. Once you have matched with someone, you will be able to add them to your room during self-selection. Roommates must be matched online in order to create an official roommate group. Roommate groups determine roommate pairs. If you already have someone in mind to be your roommate, you will still need to set up a profile and request each other in Part 2 of the Housing Application Process.

Step 3: Select your Room

Select your room in your Housing Portal according to the Room Selection Dates schedule below. If you miss your room selection period, you may participate in future selection dates.

Step-By-Step Guide

Room Selection Dates

Students who complete their application & license by the dates listed below will be able to participate in the self-selection* process by choosing their space during the selection periods below:

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Application Completion Date and Resident Status Start End
Apply on or before February 29th: Current Residents NOT Under the Residency Requirement for Fall 2024. Students will be notified on March 1st if they were selected for the Lowry Lottery.  March 5, 9am March 7, 11:59pm
Apply on or before February 29th: Current Residents Under the Residency Requirement for Fall 2024.  March 19, 9am March 21, 11:59pm
Apply on or before April 1st**: Current Residents Under the Residency Requirement for Fall 2024.  April 9, 9am April 11, 11:59pm 
Apply on or before April 21st: New Applicants who opted in to Living Learning Communities April 30, 9am May 2, 11:59pm
Apply on or before May 1: All New Applicants May 7, 9am May 9, 11:59pm
Apply on or before June 1: All New Applicants  June 4, 9am June 6, 11:59pm
Apply on or before July 7: All New Applicants July 9, 9am July 11, 11:59pm

*Self-Selection is the process that allows students to choose their own bed space. Students select their own bed space in a particular room and hall. One person from a roommate group needs to select the bed spaces for everyone in the group to confirm the same room.

**Current Residents with a complete 2024-2025 License will be manually assigned based on availability after April 11th.

Students who apply after July 7th will be manually assigned to an available space beginning July 17th. 

Depending on how many applicants are eligible to participate in each room selection period, the applicants may be assigned a timeslot within the selection period. This timeslot is when the applicant will begin to have access to the room selection portal.

Community Eligibility

Eligibility for which residential community students may live in is calculated based on criteria as of August move-in. Eligibility for requirements for each community are below.

Parliament Village: New first-time in college students with less than 30 completed credit hours. Parliament Village is also home to Living Learning Communities. First-time in college students with 59 or fewer completed credit hours are encouraged to also live in Parliament Village and participate in an LLC.

Stark and Guinn Halls: Second-year residents having fewer than 60 completed credit hours AND under the age of 21. New residents, under the age of 21, with between 30 - 59 completed credit hours will live here.

Lowry Woods Apartments: Undergraduate students over the age of 21 OR having 60 or more completed credit hours.

Graduate students will not be able to live on campus starting with the Fall 2024 semester.

Family Housing Information

2024-2025 Family Housing applicants may view their room assignment in their housing portal. If no assignment is listed, that means the student is not yet assigned. There is a short waitlist for family housing apartments for Fall 2024 at this time. Students are still encouraged to apply to receive a spot on the waitlist. If a family housing apartment is not available by September 1, the student’s $100 housing deposit will be refunded.

TWU Off Campus Housing

Texas Woman's University is enforcing community eligibility requirements for the 2024-2025 academic year to ensure housing availability for those under the TWU Residency Requirement. This has resulted in limited housing option on campus for students eligible for Lowry Woods. To still accommodate these students, the university is in the process of partnering with close by off campus properties to house students for the 2024-2025 academic year. For more information regarding the TWU Off Campus Housing, please see the presentation linked below.

Off-Campus Housing Information Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for additional information regarding frequently asked questions.

How to Self-Select

Detailed step-by-step instructions regarding how to locate and complete your 2024-2025 application/license, how to select a roommate, and how to select a room during self-selection can be found in the Room Selection Instructions document starting in mid-February.

Meal Plans

Meal plans are required for residents in Parliament Village, Guinn, and Stark Halls. Meal plan selection will be available in your Housing Portal starting in the late spring.

Changing your Room Assignment

Those who select a room but then want to change must have all affected residents in both rooms mutually agree to switch and then all email Room reassignment is not guaranteed. 

Residency Requirement

All TWU full-time single undergraduates who have not completed 60 credit hours AND are under the age of 21 are required to live in University residential communities. For complete details of the residency requirement and information about requesting exemption from the residency requirement, please review the Residency Requirement Information webpage

Applicants Under the Age of 18

If you are under 18 at the time of completing your application, a parent or legal guardian will also need to sign the Housing & Dining license. This must occur for the application/license to be considered complete and submitted. The parent/guardian signature process will automatically be included in your application process if you are under the age of 18.

Living Learning Communities

Certain areas of Parliament Village are designated as Living Learning Communities (LLC). If an LLC student has a preferred roommate, the roommate must be a part of the same LLC in order to be roommates. For more details about Living Learning Communities, please see the Living Learning Communities Webpage

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