Residential Curriculum

TWU Housing and Dining puts student learning at the heart of our work, and our residential curriculum ensures that our residence halls foster the best learning environment possible. Our curriculum is linked to TWU's mission to cultivate engaged leaders and global citizens in a climate that inspires excellence and a pioneering spirit.

Welcome to the NEST

Through our curriculum, students will learn how to be better Neighbors, Explorers, Scholars and Trailblazers.

Two owls sitting together As Neighbors, students will be able to identify their roles and responsibilities as community members, build meaningful relationships and develop a positive sense of belonging in the TWU and Denton communities.
Owl holding globe As Explorers, students will learn more about who they are and what they want out of work, school and relationships. Students will also learn to be more mindful of their own identities and how these interact with the community.
Owl holding book As Scholars, students will have opportunities to ignite their passions for learning and will discover learning strategies to increase resiliency and motivation.
Owl with backpack and walking stick As Trailblazers, students will learn how to leave their mark on campus and make a positive impact in their communities by finding their own paths and encouraging others.

NEST Activities

Housing staff plan numerous activities throughout the year to help students chart their courses and take flight! Some of our NEST activities include:

LLC Retreat Voter Registration Study Hours
Weekend Programs Door Decorations Financial Awareness
CHaTs Roommate Meditations     International Festival
Career Carnival First Generation Day Resiliency Panel
Roommate Agreements     Floor Meetings Bulletin Boards

Our Educational Priority

TWU Housing and Dining provides a community environment that encourages residents to engage in lifelong lessons in well-being, marketable skills and intellectual development in order to contribute as compassionate neighbors and successful members of our community and all future communities.

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