Step by Step

Step 1: Sign your License

Follow the step by step guide below to complete Step 1 of the Housing Application Process

Step 1a: Login

Login to your Housing Portal using your TWU Student Information.Login Screen

Step 1b: Click "Apply for Housing"

Select the Apply For Housing menu item from the top menu.Home page of Housing Portal

Step 1c: Term Selection

Select the Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 term from the term selector.

Term Selector

Step 1d: Start the Application

Verify that you are applying for the Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 term and review the application information then select "To Application" to start your app.

Start Application Screen

Step 1e: Family Housing Option

If you are applying for Family Housing, you can opt into the Family Housing Application here. You will be taken to an additional application page with additional questions regarding requirements for Family Housing. 

Family Housing Selection Screen

Step 1f: Living Learning Communities Option

If you are eligible for Living Learning Communities, you will be able to opt into LLCs on this page. If you opt into LLCs, you will be taken to an additional application page to provide more information regarding your LLC experience.

Please note: This is for New Fall Residents only

LLC Selection Screen

Step 1g: Application Questions

Complete the general application questions.

Application Question Page

Step 1h: Review Housing License

Review the entire Housing & Dining License and check the box after each section to acknowledge that you have read it.

Housing License screen

Step 1i: Sign the Housing License

Sign the housing license using your legal name. You legal name is your First name and Last name in the University's Records. If you are not sure what your legal name is, you can review it on the home page of your Housing Portal

License Signature Page

Step 1j: Almost Done!

You're almost done! Click Save & Continue to finish up Part 1 of your Housing Application and License!

Almost done page

Step 1k: License Complete

Your license is signed! When available, you will be able to find a roommate, and select a room! You will receive an email confirmation letting you know Part 1 was completed. 

License Complete Confirmation Screen

Step 2: Roommate Matching

Follow the step by step guide below to complete Step 2 of the Housing Application Process

Step 2a: Start Part 2

Click Start Part 2 to initiate part 2 of the application process. This includes a roommate questionnaire and finding a roommate. 

Part 2 Start Screen

Step 2b: Complete Roommate Questionnaire

Complete all the roommate questionnaire questions accurately. This will be used to suggest the best roommates for you.

Roommate Questionnaire Page

Step 2c: Submit Roommate Questionnaire

Enter a short bio to introduce yourself to potential roommates and then submit your Roommate Questionnaire. 

Roommate questionnaire submission button screen

Step 2d: Find a Roommate

You can find a roommate in 3 different ways: Searching by Details, Searching by Profiles, and Suggested roommates based on your roommate questionnaire. You can message someone if they interest you. Once you find someone who you would like to form a room with, send them a request to join your group. They will need to accept the request. Once they accept the request, they will join your group.

Find a roommate screen

Step 2di: Find a Roommate Via Details

Use Roommate Search By Details to find someone you already know. You can use their name to find them.

Find a roommate via details screen

Step 2dii: Find a Roommate Via Profiles

Use Roommate Search By Profiles to find someone with specific responses on their roommate questionnaire. This method is best if you care about specific criteria in the questionnaire more than others.

Find roommate via profiles screen

Step 2diii: Find a Roommate Via Recommendations

Use Suggested Roommates to find someone who is the best match for you based on your Roommate Questionnaire. The algorithm will show you other students who best fit your responses. 

Find roommate via recommendation screen

Step 2e: Review Roommate Group

Once or your requested roommate have confirmed to be in your Roommate Group, you will see them in your Roommate Group. Save & Continue to finish Part 2

Review roommate groups screen

Step 2f: Complete Part 2

You are now done with Part 2! 

Part 2 Complete Screen

Step 3: Select your Room

Once you are able to select a room, follow the step by step guide below to complete Step 3 of the Housing Application Process. Room selection time slots can be reviewed on the Room Selection Webpage.

Step 3a: Initial Room Type Selection

Pick the room type you initially are interested in. This will help narrow down your search on the next screen. 

Initial Room Selection Type Screen

Step 3b: Select Room Assignment

Select an available room for you and your roommate group. You may use the filters to further search for specific rooms. 

Room Selection Screen

Step 3c: Assign Roommate Group to Beds

Assign yourself and your roommate group to the bed spaces that are in the selected room. 

Bed Space assignment screen

Step 3d: Confirm Room Assignments

Review the room assignment for you and your roommate group. 

Confirm Room Assignment Screen

Step 3d: Confirm Room Assignments

Your 2024-2025 Housing & Dining Application, License, and Room Selection process is complete! 

Room Application, License, and Selection Complete Screen

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