Types of Living Learning Communities

College based LLCs

Students participating in the College Based LLCs are placed based on their major/college and are enrolled in a block of courses together for both the fall and spring semester. Students who are a part of a College Based LLC must have a roommate with a major in the same college.

College Based LLC’s include: College of Professional Education (COPE), College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), College of Health Sciences (CHS), College of Nursing (CON), College of Business (COB)

Arts LLC

Students majoring in arts, dance, drama, and music are invited to apply to this exciting LLC which is designed to expand involvement with the arts through structured and unstructured experiences.

Psychology Majors LLC

Specifically for psychology majors and encourages them to have academic-focused conversations and study groups around psychology.


The Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) LLC promotes academic success by facilitating a focus on common personal and academic goals for students majoring in one or more of the STEM field areas.

Explore LLC

Undeclared major students will explore different major options to find their best fit in conjunction with the Career Connections Center.

Interest Based LLC

Recreation LLC

In conjunction with the Fitness & Recreation Center, members of this LLC promote a healthy lifestyle through various recreational activities including indoor and outdoor programs.

Health and Wellbeing LLC

In collaboration with the Office of Health Promotion, members of this LLC focus on strengthening their knowledge of health-related fields.

Civic Engagement LLC

This LLC fosters a community of like-minded students who are passionate about public service, social justice, civility and community empowerment.

Lead Maroon LLC

In partnership with the Center for Student Development, focuses on developing and fine-tuning student’s leadership skills.

Commuter LLC

Alongside the Campus Alliance for Resource Education (CARE) Office this learning community offers commuters a unique opportunity to connect with other commuting students.

Pioneer Connections LLC

President Leadership Council LLC

Students in the President’s Leadership Council (PLC) complete a First Year Experience course together in the fall and a Professional Presentation Strategies course in the spring.  PLC students also participate in service with other PLC students throughout their time at TWU. Students must be admitted to the President’s Leadership Council prior to LLC membership. For more information or to receive the application, please contact plc@twu.edu or 940-898-3590.

Terry Scholars LLC

Terry Scholarship Program recipients complete the First Year Experience course together in the fall semester. All Terry Scholars are members of the Terry Scholars Student Organization which provides additional opportunities to be involved in TWU campus life.

Students must be admitted to the Terry Scholarship Program. For more information, please contact us at terry@twu.edu or 940-898-3590.

Honors LLC

In this program, students take UNIV 1231 together while developing an experiential project. To participate in the Honors LLC, students must be admitted to the TWU Honors Scholars Program

To receive information about the Honors Scholar Program contact their office at 940-898-2337, email honors@twu.edu, or review the TWU Honors Scholar Program website.


The SUCCESS Mentoring Program in conjunction with the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach is a mentoring program designed to assist first-year, first-generation college students in making a successful and enjoyable transition to college. For information please contact Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach at 940-898-3679.

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