Faculty Resources

Thank you for your interest and support of students with disabilities at Texas Woman’s University. Faculty and staff play a pivotal role in the promotion of preparedness and inclusion in postsecondary education. The information in this section is designed to aid in the understanding of the issues that impact students and disabilities, the disability services process and the resources that may assist these students.

Faculty are required to provide accommodations for students with disabilities who provide a letter from DSS verifying eligibility. If the faculty member has concerns about the recommended accommodation, or is aware of course-specific factors that may fundamentally alter the stated program outcomes, the professor should consult with DSS to discuss alternative arrangements.

Since students with disabilities are often dealing with issues that can be very sensitive, it is important to be respectful of their rights to privacy. It is standard practice for DSS staff to share accommodation information only with those who have a "need to know." Any further information is confidential and only available to discuss if the student has given written consent. In addition, it is helpful to remember that students' disability-related needs are private and confidential, and are not to be discussed with anyone outside of the student or DSS. Faculty should not discuss student accommodation information with other faculty members.


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