Exam Accommodations

Testing in DSS

Students are required to complete test requests 5 business days in advance. This allows time to reserve testing space, schedule proctors, and receive tests.

  • Students must take quizzes and exams at the same date and time scheduled in the course syllabus. Any re-scheduled exams require pre-approval from both the professor and Disability Services and may not be rescheduled during other class times.
  • Students cannot begin an exam more than 15 minutes early unless prior permission is granted by faculty.
  • Test accommodations are offered during DSS office business hours of 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday.
  • The extended time accommodation may require adjustment of exam administration time to allow student to test during DSS hours of operation.

DSS will request exams at least one week in advance. Please provide detailed information on how to proctor the exam, materials the student may or may not use, and who will receive the exam once complete. DSS will send faculty a reminder email the day before and the day of testing if we have not yet received the exam. Faculty may personally pick up exams, send staff to pick up exams, or have them delivered by DSS (electronically if preferred).

Online Exams

DSS encourages faculty members to add student’s extended time (if applicable) to all quizzes and exams at the beginning of the semester. For detailed instructions (with pictures) on how to add time in Canvas for students with extended time accommodations, check out Canvas’ How to Moderate a Quiz.

Page last updated 2:38 PM, June 29, 2020