Exam Accommodations

Exam Accommodation Information

Exam Accommodations

Exam accommodations are provided to ensure that tests, quizzes, and exams do not measure a student’s disability, but rather create an environment allowing that student to appropriately demonstrate their mastery of the material. For many students, the disability affects the pace at which they can complete work relative to other students. Providing an approved exam accommodation ensures that test, quiz, and exam grades most fairly represent the student’s understanding of the course material with minimal interference from the impact of the student’s disability. Exam accommodations provide a level playing field, not an unfair advantage.

Students are required to complete test requests 5 business days in advance. This allows time to reserve testing space, schedule proctors, and receive tests.

  • Exams cannot be proctored in the DSS Testing Center until the Alternative Testing Agreement (ATA) has been completed by the faculty member.
  • Students must take quizzes and exams at the same date and time scheduled in the course syllabus. Any re-scheduled exams require pre-approval from both the professor and Disability Services and may not be rescheduled during other class times.
  • Students cannot begin an exam more than 15 minutes early unless prior permission is granted by faculty.
  • Test accommodations are offered during DSS office business hours of 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday.
  • The extended time accommodation may require adjustment of exam administration time to allow students to test during DSS hours of operation.

Alternative Testing Agreement (ATA)


The Alternative Testing Agreement (ATA) is required before a student is able to take their exam in the DSS Testing Center. Students can request their exams in DSS, but the exam cannot be proctored until the ATA is completed by the faculty. The ATA can also be found in the student’s accommodation letter sent via email.

  1. Login to the Instructor Portal using your TWU credentials
  2. Click “Continue to View Student Accommodations”
  3. Select “Alternative Testing/Quizzes” section on the left-side
  4. Two boxes will appear.
  5. Follow the directions in “Specify Alternate Testing Agreement” if you need DSS to proctor the student’s exams.
  6. There is a drop-down box beside “Select Class” - choose your course
  7. Select “Continue to Specify Alternate Testing Agreement”
  8. Answer the questions listed within the Alternative Testing Agreement (usually between 8 – 12 questions)
  9. Please note: (1) Do not leave any blank fields. If the question does not apply, type “N/A”, and (2) students can see your responses to the questions so do not include information you do not want the student to see.
  10. On “Exam Type” include the number of minutes the rest of the class is allotted without additional time for quizzes (if applicable), exams/midterms, and finals (if applicable).
  11. Information you provide in the “Additional Information” box is NOT visible by students.
  12. Click the button “Submit Testing Agreement”.
  13. The ATA can be updated at a later time if necessary by following the above steps to access the agreement.

Review Student Request & Uploading the Exam

Review Student Exam Request

If a student submits a request for their test to be administered in the DSS Testing Center, faculty will receive a confirmation email from myDSS with a subject line “[DSS] Please Review Student’s Test Appointment”. The reminder serves two purposes:

  1. To make instructors aware that the student has scheduled their test and to give instructors an opportunity to review the request to ensure the day/time is agreeable. If the instructor disagrees with the student’s appointment time, they must immediately notify DSS.
  2. To request that a copy of the exam be sent to the DSS Testing Center. Tests can be submitted by clicking on the link within the reminder email to UPLOAD your exam.

Uploading an Exam

  1. Instructors are responsible for sending a copy/copies of their exam to the DSS Testing Center preferably at least two days prior to the test administration. This is necessary to give the DSS Testing Center time to assign an appropriate number of staff such as proctors, readers, or scribes, as well as allow time to convert the exam to an alternative accessible format, if necessary. This can be done by clicking on the link within the confirmation email to UPLOAD your exam.
  2. Send test instructions via the “Notes” section when UPLOADING the test. (**ONLY NEEDED IF UNIQUE FROM TESTING AGREEMENT INSTRUCTIONS**)

Online Exams

DSS encourages faculty members to add student’s extended time (if applicable) to all quizzes and exams at the beginning of the semester. For detailed instructions (with pictures) on how to add time in Canvas for students with extended time accommodations, check out Canvas’ How to Moderate a Quiz.

There is no need for DSS to proctor remote/online exams if either (1) instructors are not using a lockdown browser on the exam or (2) the instructor is using a lockdown browser and the student’s accommodation includes extra time and reduced distraction test environment. If so, the instructor simply adds the additional time to the student’s exam in Canvas according to what is outlined in the student’s accommodation letter. As always, DSS is available to consult with you regarding interpretation of student accommodations.

Below are the instructions to notify DSS Testing Center that exams will be online or proctored by faculty:

  1. Login using your TWU credentials
  2. Click “Continue to View Student Accommodations”
  3. Select “Alternative Testing” link on the left-side under “Views and Tools”
  4. Two boxes will appear.
  5. Follow the directions in “Proctoring your Own Exam” if you need DSS to proctor the student’s exams.
  6. From the drop-down box, choose your course section from the one to the options in the "SELECT CLASS" box below if it appears),
  7. From "TYPE", Select: PROCTOR MY OWN EXAMS, and
  8. Click to CONFIRM your response and YOU ARE DONE in myDSS!

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