Exam Accommodations

The DSS Testing Center is available to students who qualify for testing accommodations. Students must have an electronically signed testing policy agreement on file prior to first exam.

Testing Accommodations Tips

  • Students should discuss their exam accommodations with their professors at the start of the semester (i.e., notify professors of testing arrangements at DSS, extended time accommodations).
  • Students must take quizzes and exams at the same date and time scheduled in the course syllabus. Any re-scheduled exams require pre-approval from both the professor and Disability Services and may not be rescheduled during other class times.
  • Exams must be requested 5 business days prior to exam date via Test Request Form. Students may request all exams per class for the full semester with one test request entry. Students should refer to their professors and course syllabi for testing dates.
  • Should a student need to reschedule an exam, use the Test Request Form with the “Reschedule exam request” option selected. Enter information pertaining to the rescheduled exam only. After the rescheduled exam requested has been submitted, using the Test Request Cancellation Form, cancel the original exam request.
  • DSS Staff will contact student’s professors prior to exam date for exam delivery and proctoring instructions, (i.e. if students are allowed to use notes, calculators, etc.).

Day of Exam

  • Students are expected to arrive on time. Students cannot begin exam more than 15 minutes early unless prior permission is given from professor. Students more than 30 minutes late for an exam will not be able to take their exam in the DSS Testing Center and will need to contact the instructor to obtain permission reschedule for another day/time. Please note, if a student is late to an exam, the difference between the scheduled time and start time will be deducted from the total time. (For example, if the student is 20 minutes late, then they will have 20 minutes less total testing time in which to complete the exam).
  • Personal belongs are not allowed in student’s possession while testing. Personal belongs may include backpacks, purses, coats, sweatshirts, sweaters, hats, cell phones, recorders, smart devices (i.e. Apple watches, FitBits), tablets, or computers, etc.
  • Only water in a clear bottle may be taken into the testing room. No food, candy, gum, or snacks are allowed in the testing room. Exceptions are allowed for dietary accommodations.
  • Students are expected to bring their own supplies and reference materials, if permitted, on exam date, (i.e., pencils, calculators, etc.).
  • Scribes are not allowed to answer questions about the meaning of the testing material or how to state an answer on any exam. Scribes will write exactly what is said by the student.
  • Readers may not define words or phrases.
  • Once the exam begins, the student is not allowed to leave the testing area without prior permission from DSS Staff.
  • DSS staff may enter student’s testing area at any time during student’s exam period to check materials within student’s possession.
  • DSS Staff will collect student’s exam at the end of student’s testing period, and return the exam to student’s professor.

If DSS staff suspects academic dishonesty, the exam will be stopped, all materials will be collected immediately and the student will be released from the exam room. DSS Staff observations will be reported to the faculty member and the student via email notification.

Page last updated 5:27 PM, June 29, 2020