Notification of Academic Accommodations

Academic accommodations for each student are determined by Disability Services for Students (DSS) on an individual basis, with input from qualified professionals. Accommodations are intended to level the playing field for students with disabilities while maintaining the academic integrity and standards set by the university.

DSS registered students are required to renew their accommodations through myDSS each semester. Once requested in myDSS, faculty members and the student are emailed an accommodation notification that outlines the approved accommodations for the term. Accommodations are effective immediately.

Faculty should contact DSS staff as soon as possible if there are concerns of a fundamental alteration to course objectives when accommodations are implemented.

Students are instructed to meet with faculty during office hours or contact faculty via email to discuss the implementation of approved accommodations. If you have questions regarding accommodations, please contact DSS immediately.

Example Notification of Academic Accommodations sent by myDSS (pdf)

Page last updated 7:33 AM, August 17, 2020