Note-taking Services

Peer note-taking support is expected to supplement the notes of the student with accommodations. Contact your coordinator if you need assistance with note taking strategies.

If approved for this accommodation, note-taking services can be requested in myDSS. We have created a short overview video of the note-taking services module for students approved for a peer note-taker.

Please contact your coordinator if you think you qualify for note-taking services.

DSS Student Responsibilities

  • Students who are approved for note taking services must request a note-taker using myDSS Online. This allows us to match note takers with DSS students.
  • Students must attend lectures and take their own notes
  • Students will need to regularly access myDSS to download requested notes
  • Students will check TWU email for notifications related to note-taking
  • Students must confirm their note-taking accommodation in myDSS online after classes start so the DSS knows they do need a note taker for that course. (Some courses are non-lecture based and will not need a note-taker).
  • Students should meet the instructor during office hours to discuss the Faculty Notification Letter and note-taking accommodation needs as needed.
  • It is imperative that students notify our office immediately if they are not receiving notes for a class. We will assist them in any way that we can, as long as we are informed that there is an issue.

Based on their interactive design, the following courses are typically accessible without the need for peer note-takers, or it is unlikely that notes are an integral component. Meet with a coordinator if you have questions.

  • Fully online courses with recorded lectures that can be accessed
  • Courses that have lecture notes provided by instructors
  • Science labs
  • Second language courses (ASL, SPAN, ITAL, FREN, etc.)
  • Introductory English courses

Page last updated 2:23 PM, July 8, 2022