Interpreters and CART

We have created a short video demonstrating how to use the Deaf and Hard of Hearing module in myDSS Online.

Students can request access providers for their courses through myDSS Online by requesting their accommodation letters. If the course is online-only, an access provider will not be assigned to the course. Access providers can be requested through myDSS for TWU hosted events

For interpreter or CART needs related to academic programs (e.g., meeting with professors or advisors), students must give five (5) business days’ notice (Monday – Friday, not weekends) to the DSS office. If the service is requested under five business days, the DSS office will make a good faith effort to obtain the service, but services will not be guaranteed.

For interpreter or CART needs related to a campus event, please contact the department hosting the event for accommodations. DSS will work with that department to ensure services are in place.

If students experience problems in the accommodation process or delivery, please contact Disability Services for Students immediately for assistance.

Page last updated 2:22 PM, July 8, 2022