How to Request Accommodations

Academic Accommodation Letters can only be requested after you have registered for accommodations and met with a coordinator to determine reasonable accommodations. If you have not met with a coordinator to set your accommodations, please refer to Register with DSS.

Accommodations should be renewed each semester in myDSS. myDSS will email your Academic Accommodation Letter to your faculty members and to you. If you need to update your accommodations at any point while at TWU, contact your DSS coordinator.

We have created a video to demonstrate how to request accommodations for each semester following the steps listed below. The video will open in a new window.

  1. Log in to myDSS using your TWU username and password.
    1. myDSS may prompt you to sign eForms when you first log in. Review and type your name at the bottom of the page as your signature. 
  2. Your schedule will appear in the middle of your dashboard page, below announcements and reminders at the top of your dashboard.
  3. On your dashboard, scroll to bottom to see your class schedule for the current semester.
  4. To start the accommodation request process, select each class that you would like to receive accommodations for.
    myDSS preview of classes on the dashboard. The button to
  5. Click “Step 2- Continue To Customize Your Accommodations”
  6. Under each course you will see the list of your approved accommodations. Please select which accommodations you will use for each course by clicking in each checkbox by the accommodation.
     Final step of selecting accommodations for each class in myDSS. Below the class details, eligible accommodations are listed with checkboxes.
  7. Click “Submit Your Accommodation Requests”
  8. myDSS will take you back to your dashboard. If you scroll to the bottom of the dashboard, you will see your accommodation requests.
    1. From this screen you can modify your request (For example if you decide you do not need a notetaker for a particular course) or cancel your request (if you decide to drop a course).
  9. DSS staff will review your requests and email your Academic Accommodation Letter to your instructors.
    1. We strongly recommend that you meet with your instructor to discuss implementing your accommodations for your classes. You are not required to disclose your disability to your instructors. 

Page last updated 2:13 PM, July 8, 2022