Emotional Support Animals Request

TWU Disability Services for Students (DSS) provides reasonable accommodations for students with a disability. Under the Fair Housing Act (FHA), an emotional support animal (ESA) may be approved while living in on-campus housing, on a case-by-case basis when there is a documented need.

The Emotional Service Animal Request Form was created to facilitate the individualized review of each student request so that DSS may determine if a student qualifies to have an emotional support animal while living in a Texas Woman’s University residence hall. Once the form is filled out by the qualified professional and submitted to DSS, DSS will determine if all qualifications are met.

The Emotional Support Animal Documentation Form should

  • Be completed by a qualified professional.
  • Be completed as clearly and thoroughly as possible.Incomplete responses and illegible handwriting will require additional follow up that may delay the review process.
  • Be supplemented with any evaluative reports that may provide a more complete understanding of the student.Evaluative reports may include diagnostic reports such as psycho-educational or neuropsychological reports. Please do not provide case notes or rating scales without a narrative that explains the results.
  • Be submitted to DSS. All documentation will be held strictly confidential as a student record. This form may be released at the student’s request.

Evaluating ESA Requests

The DSS staff will consider ESA requests based on the following criteria provided by the FHA:

  1. The student has a disability
  2. The animal is necessary in affording the student the opportunity to use and enjoy their living space.
  3. There is an identifiable relationship or nexus between the disability and the assistance the animal provides.
  4. DSS staff will make a determination within 14 days of receipt of as completed ESA request on whether an accommodation will be granted.

Next Steps After ESA Approval

The following information will be needed after the therapy/emotional support animal is approved and at least 7 days before the animal moves into on-campus housing:

  1. TWU Housing and Residence Life Animal Ownership Agreement Form 
  2. Animal Registration/Rabies Tag
  3. Vaccination certificate/Shot Record
  4. Current color picture of Animal
  5. Service and Emotional Support Animal Roommate Agreement Form (to be completed by each roommate). 

The TWU Service and Emotional Support Animal Housing Agreement Form must be reviewed, completed, and signed. You must also provide the documentation listed above before the animal is allowed to move into on-campus housing. The form includes important information on standards for approved animals, animal care & guidelines, cleaning and damage, animal liability, areas off limits to animals, removal of animal, conflicting disabilities/roommate, and the complaint process.

The Service and Emotional Support Animal Roommate Agreement Form must be completed and submitted by each roommate prior to the animal occupying the assigned space. Housing will send the form to each roommate once you have been approved by DSS.

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