Other Types of Undergraduate Admissions

Not sure where you fit in?

The following types of undergraduate admission will point you in the right direction and help you better understand how to apply.

For additional or more specific transfer admission information, visit transfer admissions.

Dual Credit Program

Earn college semester credit hours while still in high school through TWU’s Dual Credit Program. To participate you must:

  • Meet the state of Texas’ college readiness requirements
  • Meet the minimum 2.0 GPA requirement
  • Apply to TWU as a freshman
  • Submit the Dual Credit Permission Form with signatures from the student's high school and parent to the Office of Admissions Processing (TWU Admissions Processing | P.O. Box 425649 | Denton, Texas 76204-5649) with your high school transcript
  • Pay the tuition and fees for dual credit courses
  • Meet any additional requirements based on the student’s school district or individual school
  • Homeschool students must meet the same eligibility requirements as students enrolled from a high school

Military Admission

If you have previous military experience, you will complete an undergraduate application. You are considered a transfer student if you have:

  • A combination of military credit and college-level credit that equals 12 or more credit hours
  • A 2.0 GPA or higher

Former military with no college-level coursework should apply for freshman admissions.

If you withdrew from TWU to perform active military service you will need to reapply for admission, however, the application fee is waived. Contact TWU within 90 days upon completion of active duty and submit a copy of the military orders calling you to active duty to qualify for readmission.

Learn more about applying to TWU with veteran benefits and available resources.

Military Credit

Eligible veterans receive college credit for all the required physical education courses needed for your degree and not to exceed an additional 12 semester hours of elective coursework. To be eligible to receive credit for military service, veterans must have:

  • Graduated from a public or private high school accredited by a generally recognized accrediting organization or from a high school operated by the U.S. Department of Defense
  • Completed a minimum of two years of service in the armed services (unless discharged because of a disability)
  • Been honorably discharged from the U.S. armed forces

Credit for military service is available to all entering undergraduates, those applying for transfer admission, first-year admission or readmission.

For consideration of credit for military service schools, the applicant may submit one or a combination of the following military records:

Non-degree Admission

If you wish to take credit courses but are not pursuing a bachelor's degree, you must:

  • Submit an GoApplyTexas.org application
  • Pay the application fee
  • Submit an official transcript from the last institution attended

You must be in good standing with their last institution attended, and have earned at least a 2.0 GPA on their last 12 transferable hours attempted.

Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for federal, state or institutional financial assistance, other than emergency tuition loans. Non-degree students may earn no more than 30 credit hours at TWU before you are required to reapply as a degree-seeking student.

Students Seeking a Second Degree

If you are seeking a second undergraduate degree you must:

  • Submit an GoApplyTexas.org application for transfer admission
  • Pay the application fee
  • Submit official transcript(s) from the last institution attended (including verification of the bachelor degree awarded)

Admission to the University does not imply admission to a specific college, program or major. Contact the specific academic department for admission information.


If you attended TWU in the past as an undergraduate student you may be eligible for undergraduate readmission. You must meet the regular criteria for transfer admission.

Readmission as a transfer is required if:

  • You were previously accepted as a first-year student and have taken 12 or more college-level semester credit hours at another institution prior to returning to TWU
  • You were former or accepted TWU student with 12 or more college-level semester credit hours, but four or more terms have passed, including the applicant's term of acceptance and/or enrollment

How to Apply:

  • Submit an GoApplyTexas.org application for transfer admission
  • Pay the application fee
  • Submit official transcript(s) from each institution previously attended to the Office of Admissions Processing (if you attended another institution since enrollment at TWU)

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