Two students in TWU shirts hold up their phones withTWU themed wallpapers on the screens.
Pioneer Printables & Swag

Pioneer Printables & Swag

Express your Pioneer Pride with printable Texas Woman's swag, Zoom backgrounds, phone wallpapers and more!

Show your school spirit on social media using the #TXWomans.

GIFs and GIF Stickers

Use Texas Woman's stickers on Instagram Stories and Snapchat. Here's how:

Oakley's face with heart eyes.
  1. Take a photo to post on Instagram Stories or Snapchat as you normally would
  2. Click on the square in the top right - this takes you to the menu to search for GIFs
  3. Search "TXWomans" or "TWU" in the search bar – searches are not case sensitive
  4. Select the GIF you would like to use from the TWU GIFs that show up
  5. Pinch in and out to make the GIF smaller or larger or move the GIF where you want it on the post
  6. Post to Your Story and tag us @TXWomans

GIFs are also available on Twitter and Facebook. Here's how to use them:

  1. Craft a tweet or Facebook post like you normally would
  2. Click on the "GIF" option to add a GIF to your tweet/post
  3. Search "TXWomans" or "TWU" to find TWU GIFs

Page last updated 3:24 PM, September 14, 2023