ART4953 Internship


1. Apply and secure a graphic design or graphic design-related internship.

2. Once you have secured your internship, communicate to your supervisor that you must work a total of 200 hours to meet the requirements of the course.

2. ART4953 registration. Log on to Handshake and follow the instructions for course registration approval form. You will find instructions here:

4. Send your course registration approval form to one of our graphic design internship faculty advisors. Per semester, each ART 4953 section caps at three on a first-come, first-served basis.

5. Once you are registered for your internship course, there will be several assignments that you need to complete.

6. Send ALL assignments on deadline to Juan Armijo, TWU internships coordinator Reach out to Juan if you have any questions about procedure for assignments..

7. During the first week of the semester, meet with your graphic design internship faculty advisor for tips and procedure for your internship.

8. During the first one-two weeks of your internship, ask your Supervisor for 10-15 minutes of their time. During your meeting, ask what specific duties are required for your contributions as intern to their company/organization. This will establish an open line of communication with your supervisor from the start and greatly increase the likelihood that you will have a clear understanding of how to best meet your supervisor’s expectations.

9. At midterm, the TWU internship coordinator sends an evaluation to your internship supervisor to fill out. Juan forwards your supervisor’s evaluation to your faculty advisor, who will then schedule a meeting with you to review it.

10. In week 13 or 14 of the semester, Juan sends a final evaluation to your internship supervisor, which once filled out, is forwarded to your faculty advisor. You then meet with your faculty advisor for semester wrap-up and to review your evaluation.

11. Your final grade for the internship course is based on your supervisor’s final evaluation of your internship performance and your “Internship Final Report (ART4953 Assignment #2).”

12. At any time during the semester, please reach out to your faculty supervisor for advice/tips on your internship.

TWU offices and DFW organizations that hire graphic design interns:

  • TWU Student Life design services
  • TWU Housing & Dining
  • TWU Marketing & Communications
  • TWU College of Arts & Sciences recruiting
  • TWU Center for Faculty Excellence
  • TWU Visual Arts Division
  • TWU Lasso newspaper
  • DFW Tomorrow’s Leaders Today
  • Greater Denton Arts Council
  • United Way, Denton
  • Denton County Courthouse Museum

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