Student Organizations

2 TWU students attending the Texas Atomic Iron Commission's iron pour.
TWU students participating in the Texas Atomic Iron Commission's iron pour.

Clay Underground

Ceramics interest organization

The Clay Underground is a student-led organization that focuses on community, education, and outreach. The club is ceramics-based, but we welcome students of all backgrounds who are interested in learning about clay as Ceramics is an art form that is best learned through a community-based studio. As an organization, we prioritize the need to bridge gaps between students and aim to create a safe and secure environment for art students to thrive. Being part of The Clay Underground is a great opportunity to participate and learn about clay. It opens up possibilities for students to work in clay, outside of regular class time, allowing them to explore their own conceptual pursuits. As a club, we will hope to host artist talks/demonstrations, participate in a yearly philanthropy event, and have all our efforts culminate in an annual juried student exhibition.

Delta Phi Delta

Art honor society

  • $20 one-time fee for a lifetime membership.

  • Adviser: Tanya Synar, contact:

Delta Phi Delta is an art honor society that raises funds for art scholarships and engages its community through art. As an art honors society, we do ask that incoming members 1) art majoring or minoring in Fine Arts and 2) maintain a 3.0 GPA in their art classes. In the past, Delta Phi Delta has hosted events and fundraisers like our annual Italian Night, Handmade Valentine’s Cards, Delta Egg Dipping, and so much more!

Graduate Association of Visual Arts (GAVA)

Graduate organization

The purpose of the Graduate Association of Visual Artists is to unite and provide a voice for MA and MFA students in the Visual Arts Division. The organization will serve as a platform for students to vocalize their needs and concerns within the division and the university as a whole, through meetings and events centered around education, community, and leadership. The Graduate Association of Visual Artists will encourage networking and sharing of information and resources pertaining to calls for entry, scholarships, funding, and opportunities for employment. The members of the organization will gain leadership skills by hosting workshops or lectures in their areas of expertise, and in turn will provide fellow graduate students, undergraduate students, and community members with information and professional practices relevant to the visual arts.

Photographic Artists Coalition (PAC)

Photography interest organization

Photographic Artists Coalition (PAC) is dedicated to the research and distribution of various photographic processes. To empower photography students by workshops, portfolio reviews, field trips, and developing publications and exhibitions. Creating a community where all individuals can explore their interest in photography, while being surrounded by others with similar interests.

TWU Alumni Association

Official association for former students

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