Digital Fabrication

Location: ART - Room 302

This site is an ongoing repository and resource for research into "Digital Craft" here in the Department of Visual Arts at Texas Woman's University.  "Digital Craft" places computer and electronic making processes in the context of the larger history of craft and hand making in general, and encourages hybrid practices that freely mix "new" and "traditional" methods in innovative ways.


  • Rabbit Laser Cutter
  • Epilog Laser Cutter
  • Brother Embroidery Machine
  • TC2 Digital Loom
  • WASP 3D Printer
  • Formlabs 3D Printer
  • Carbide3d CNC Machine
  • Printrbot 3D Printer
  • Flashforge 3D Printer
  • CreatorBot 3D Printer
  • Makerbot 3D Scanner
  • ShopBot CNC(Located in Basement with Sculpture)

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