Ways to Give

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Become a Friend of Visual Arts

Our programs and scholarships are partially funded by donations from patrons and alumni. We work with the Office of University Advancement to arrange and process donations in support of new visual arts scholarships and program initiatives.

We welcome contributions to the "TWU Friends of Visual Arts" fund, which is designed to provide support for a wide variety of initiatives, including scholarship assistance and special events organized by the division. If you would like to become a Friend of Visual Arts: 

  1. Visit the Office of University Advancement's Make a Gift page.
  2. Select your donation amount.
  3. Designate "Other."
  4. Type "Friends of Visual Arts" into the box labeled "Other."
  5. Complete the rest of the form and click the "Donate Now" button to submit.

Thank you for becoming a Friend of Visual Arts! Your generosity and support are greatly appreciated.


If you would like more information about ways you can support the TWU Division of Visual Arts, please contact us at visualarts@twu.edu.


Page last updated 1:06 PM, June 13, 2023