Student working in ceramics facility

Glaze room

This room is used for mixing and application of glazes. It is equipped with a spray booth, a slot-hood ventilation system, a slip mixing table, storage areas and work areas.

Mold room

This room is reserved for plaster mixing, and it also houses a power sprayer for silk-screen cleaning as well as a sand-blasting booth.

2 students working in a ceramics facility

Clay mixing room

This area serves for general bulk material storage as well as clay mixing, and features a powerful ventilation system for safety.

Kiln area

This area includes both a covered outdoor area which houses most of the kilns, and an adjacent area which is walled in but exposed. This area is the site for our raku and wood/salt kilns.

Student working at a pottery wheel

General studio area

Classes are held in our general studio area. There are 18 pottery wheels, extruders, a slab roller and plenty of tables for work space.  Individual studios for advanced and graduate students line the perimeter of the room (these are 11 by 8 feet in size, and usually house one graduate student or 1-3 advanced students).


Gas kilns

  • 1 large gas kiln (24 and 36 cu. ft.)

Electric kilns

  • 6 electric kilns (3, 3, 5,  10, 10, 10 and 15 cu. ft.)



  • 18 electric wheels
  • 2 kickwheels


  • Clay mixer (Soldner, 150 lb. capacity)
  • Slip mixing table
  • Peter Pugger vacuum pugmill

Additional items

  • 1 slab roller (24” wide)
  • 2 extruders (Bailey)
  • 1 ball mill
  • 1 spray booth
  • 1 hydraulic lift cart
  • 1 hydraulic pallet lift
  • 1 pallet jack
  • 1 sandblasting booth
  • 1 tile press
  • 2 silkscreen exposure units

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