Brand Guidelines

New TWU Logo High Res Color Image

There are set standards and rules for the usage of TWU's logo and branding. Because the logos are a fundamental element of all Texas Woman's University brand identification, these standards have been established to ensure consistency wherever and however it is displayed.

Following the below guidelines help to ensure you are staying on brand regarding any document or website associated with TWU.

While this manual contains guidance for basic applications of the Texas Woman's University logo, it cannot anticipate all possible uses. Any applications of the Texas Woman's University logo not directly addressed here - or applications that cause usage questions to arise that are not answered here - will require prior approval.

Refer all brand guideline questions or comments to

Logo Elements

Logo Mark

  • The logo mark is created from intersecting pathways inspired by the fountain on the main campus
    TWU logo in maroon
  • The mark is set in the brand color maroon, PMS 202
  • The logo mark may be used independently from the logotype elements, such as on-campus signage, social media where the name of the university is already known and special projects from the Chancellor's office


  • The logotype is made from a custom typeface and should not be edited or retyped
  • “TEXAS WOMAN’S” is set in the brand maroon while “UNIVERSITY” is in 100% black
  • The logotype may be used independently from the logo mark in areas where space does not allow room for both elements together

Texas Woman's University

Area of Isolation shown with N spaces on the TWU logo.
Minimum Area of Isolation (Primary Centered Lockup)

Area of Isolation

  • Area around the logo is based off the height of the “N” as indicated above
  • Text, headlines and graphics must not violate this area
  • These same spacing requirements apply to the one-color versions of the logo as well

Logo Lockups

Full University Name

Primary Centered Lockup

Primary fullcolor logo

Horizontal Lockup

Horizontal TWU logo

Abbreviated University Name

These abbreviated versions are for internal marketing communications use only. Refer all brand guideline questions or comments to:

Renee Thompson
Manager, Design Services

Horizontal Lockup

Three TWU logos with logo mark and letters TWU

Stacked Lockup—Box Version

TWU logo mark and words TWU in maroon box

This logo may also be used as a reversed-out version of the lockup (it isn't forced to be in a box).

Stacked LockupNo Box Version


TWU logo mark and words TWU in white square

Secondary Logos

Location Logos


TWU logos with words Denton Dallas Houston

Est.|Co-Ed. Logos

TWU logos with words Est. 1901. Co-ed 1994

One-Color Logos

  • One-color versions of the logo exist for use when the logo appears on a colored background or when printing methods restrict the use of color or amount of colors
  • The one-color logo elements can be used in the two full name lockups and follow all the same usage rules as the corresponding primary, full-color versions, except for the background color restrictions

TWU logo mark and words Texas Woman's University in maroon box

TWU logo mark and words Texas Woman's University in maroon box

One-color TWU logos in maroon

TWU Seal on a brick wall.

University Seal

The use of the seal is designated for the following:

  • Transcripts
  • Ceremonial documents of the highest importance (diplomas, University awards of singular prestige, proclamations from the Chancellor’s Office)
  • Commemorative objects of high-quality, durable material created in a limited edition for distribution for a specific purpose; specifically excluded from this class are mass-manufactured objects for general sale
  • As signage in extremely limited usage, such as the main entrance to the campus or in the Chancellor’s Office as a decorative object; specifically excluded are building signs (including those affixed to the building), street signs and decals on University vehicles (including public safety vehicles)
  • Financial documents in which the seal is considered a guarantee; excluded are internal documents, such as memoranda about a financial matter

Color Palette

Primary Colors

Maroon MUST be the most dominant color in any design where color is permitted. You may use black and/or screen of black to create gray to accent your design. 

Secondary colors may be used to accent the TWU maroon. Omitting the white of the page and black of text and other elements, the remaining colors should be at least 60 percent maroon.

A square of TWU's official maroon in PMS 202

PMS | 202C
CMYK | 9 100 64 48
RGB | 133 9 42
HEX | 850928

A square of TWU's approved white color.

CMYK | 0 0 0 0
RGB | 255 255 255

Secondary Colors

A square of TWU's approved amaranth color.

PMS | 7636C
CMYK | 15 100 60 3
RGB | 202 30 80
HEX | CA1E50

A square of TWU's approved eggplant color.

PMS | 518C
CMYK | 68 90 35 24
RGB | 92 49 94
HEX | 5C315E

A square of TWU's approved gold color.

PMS | 458C
CMYK | 13 10 81 0
RGB | 227 211 83
HEX | E3D353


Museo Sans

Museo Sans is the typeface the logo is customized from. It is used in all the logo system variations, department and office names, etc.

Museo Sans typeface examples

Gotham Medium

Gotham Medium is used in the logo for the word "UNIVERSITY."


Gotham Black Typeface examples


If you cannot access a paid license of the above fonts, the free Google font, Montserrat, is an approved alternative. 

Download the Montserrat font here

Tagline: Boldly Go

The official university tagline is Boldly Go.

Altering the tagline to include other words or using it in conjunction with other phrases is not permitted. For example, “Boldly Walk” or “Boldly Dine” are not appropriate uses of the tagline. Altering the tagline detracts from the main messaging and visual identity of the official tagline.

The "Boldly Go" tagline may be used in any number of forms (following other aspects of standards such as typography/color). There is not an official tagline logo that must be consistently used on all items or materials. You may use one of the official typefaces. Provided below is a tagline for use on items in the Gotham typeface.

Download PNG Tagline files

Examples of Tagline Use

Retractable Banner

Maroon TWU Banner with the words Boldly Go in white across the lower third

Newsprint Cover

girl walking on sidewalk with maroon box on bottom containing TWU logo and Boldly Go

Pin Notecard

Texas Woman's University War with Pioneer Pride. Boldly Go.

Social Media


Maroon square with white TWU logomark

Taken directly from Abbreviated Logo Lockup

White TWU logomark in maroon circle

1/8 of diameter padding around

Downloadable Hi-Resolution Logo

Maroon square with white TWU logomark for social media profiles

Right-click the logo to save it or copy it.

Department Social Media Templates

  • Profile pictures for departments on social media will always feature the fountain by itself, with the department name written in close proximity in the format of "TWU - (Department Name)"
  • All university social media accounts must use the profile photos provided and accounts must be registered with Marketing and Communications. Refer any questions or comments to 

Examples of the Logo on Social Media

Facebook Example

Screenshot of Facebook screen

Instagram Example

Screenshot of Instagram post

Twitter Example

Screenshot of Twitter post

Guide for Promotional Items

  • Use an approved vendor when ordering promo items
  • Include the TWU logo when university funds are used to purchase the items
  • If the departmental logo is not legible in the promotional item imprint area, you may use one of the main university logos and the full name of the department below
  • The size and scale of the department name must be secondary to the size and scale of the TWU logo and not within the areas of isolation for the logo
  • The department name must be in Museo Sans font in all caps

Guide for T-Shirt Designs

Shirt Color

  • Shirt fabric must be maroon, white or gray
    A square of TWU's official maroon in Pantone 209
  • "Heathered" maroon is also approved
  • Ink can be white or maroon. The maroon must strive to match PMS 209

No other ink or shirt color is permitted without prior approval.

The official TWU Maroon is Pantone 202. Because of the variance in fabric materials and dying methods, TWU matches to PMS 209 on clothing materials to more consistently approximate the official TWU maroon.

Recommended embroidery: Madeira Thread 1384


  • T-shirts must be produced by a licensed preferred vendor
  • Preferred vendors will submit all artwork for approval through the licensing system for you
  • Shirts may be purchased from any approved vendor list, the following are recommended due to confirmed quality:
    • Denton Depot
    • San Bay Studio
    • Groggy Dog (MUST be paid using a purchase order rather than a PCard)

University Designations

  • Shirts must be produced with an official university logo
  • Approved logos can be requested from marketing at or preferred vendors have access to official logos
  • Please make sure you read the TWU Branding Style Guide before submitting your design to marketing


  • Shirts must be approved before the order is submitted

Not sure who approves your shirt? Select the appropriate department below:

Marketing approves for:

  • New student recruitment
  • Community
  • Staff

Email shirt design to 

Student Life approves for:

  • Current students
  • Student organizations

Email shirt design to


Faculty Success approves for:

  • Academic Affairs units

Email shirt design to

A swatch of maroon, black and white plaid.
Pioneer Plaid scaled at 30 percent

Guide for Pioneer Plaid Designs

  • Boldest white line is always horizontal
  • Do not screen back/watermark/ghost the Pioneer Plaid

Sizing of Pioneer Plaid

  • Always use the Pioneer Plaid at 100 percent unless:
    • Either length or width of imprint area is less than 3.5 in, then you must scale the Pioneer Plaid to 30 percent
  • Do not use the Pioneer Plaid on items with imprint areas smaller than 1.5 in


  • Pioneer Plaid must be produced by a licensed Learfield Licensing Partners
  • To become a licensed vendor or questions regarding licensing visit


  • Items must be approved before the order is submitted through the vendor
  • Approvals for items using the Pioneer Plaid go to Marketing at
  • Allow 5 days for approvals
  • Please make sure you read the TWU Branding Style Guide before submitting your design to marketing

Match printing to the following colors:

Background color: Match to Pantone 209

A square of TWU's official maroon in Pantone 209

Maroon accent stripe: Match to Pantone 202

A square of TWU's official maroon in Pantone 202

White accent stripe

A square of TWU's approved white color.

Black accent stripe: 100 percent black 

A square of TWU's approved black color.

Restrictions on Logo Use

  • The TWU logo cannot be used on any communication that may be deemed to support, advocate or solicit a contribution for any political party or organization
  • All communications with the TWU logo and name must have nonpartisan messaging
  • All references to political parties or entities should be in academic context only

This policy applies to any application where the TWU logo might be used. For questions regarding logo usage please contact

Logo Dos and Don'ts

Approved Logo Use Examples

TWU logos in various formats

Examples of how to use the new TWU logo

Incorrect Logo Use Examples 

Examples of what not to do with new TWU logo

examples of what not to do with the new TWU logo


While the university does not restrict the artistic characterization of the TWU mascot, Oakley, to a singular interpretation of the barn owl, when used as a caricature of the official mascot, every effort should be made to ensure the integrity of the original mascot, including the use of the colors maroon and white.

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