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Marketing & Communication works to project the university’s identity and to ensure those who work here as well as the general public know TWU's brand and the accomplishments of TWU students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Our main areas include Communications, Marketing & Creative Services and the Web Team. Learn more about each of these branches of Marketing & Communication and how we can help you.

A graphic portrait of Deanna Titzler

Deanna Titzler
Interim Associate Vice President, Marketing & Communication 

A graphic portrait of Kay Collins

Kay Collins
Administrative Assistant 

University Communications

We promote the university with local, regional and national media outlets, write news releases and share stories highlighting the accomplishments of TWU's students, alumni, faculty and staff.

A graphic portrait of Matt Flores.

Matt Flores
Assistant Vice President, Communications

A graphic portrait of Karen Garcia.

Karen Garcia
Communication Specialist, Inside TWU Editor 

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Anastasia Reed
Manager, Social Media & Media Relations

I manage the university’s primary social media channels and provide guidelines and resources for those who manage other university-related social media accounts.


Creative Services

The visuals that accompany our messages are important. We ensure you get the right design, photo and video to convey meaning and provide inspiration. We also develop university brand guidelines and enforce branding standards.

A graphic portrait of Renee Thompson.

Renee Thompson
Director, Creative Services

A graphic portrait of Michael Modecki.

Michael Modecki
Assistant Director, Visual Media Production

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Alem Delacruz
Senior Design Specialist 

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Arianna Watkins
Visual Media Specialist

Brand Marketing & Strategic Communications

We create marketing plans and buy advertising for events or programs related to student recruitment, retention and branding.

We also work closely with colleges and departments to maintain websites and create marketing and recruitment materials, including viewbooks and other collateral material. All advertising done on behalf of the university needs to be approved by this team prior to placement.

A graphic portrait of Elizabeth Gustwick.

Elizabeth Gustwick
Manager, Marketing Projects

A graphic portrait of Christy Savage.

Christy Savage
Coordinator, Marketing & Communications 

A graphic portrait of Joshua Flanagan.

Joshua Flanagan
Manager, Digital Content, College of Nursing, College of Professional Education 

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David Pyke
Manager, Digital Content, College of Arts & Sciences

Web Communications

The Web Team, in concert with the digital content managers, support the outwardly-facing websites used to recruit new students and inform the general public about university activities.

Our team ensures the website content is consistent with the university's brand, messaging, image and strategic focus, and does not violate ADA requirements. Additionally, we provide technical support for the website and use tools to improve search engine optimization across the platform.

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Scott Bynum
Director, Web Communications

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Michael Tran
Assistant Director, Web Administration

A graphic portrait of Gavin Decuir.

Gavin DeCuir
Manager, Web Communications 

A graphic portrait of Liz Stewart.

Liz Stewart
Senior Web Design Specialist 

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