Name Badges

Ordering Name Badges

Purchase name badges from the approved vendor below:

Students must have “TWU Student” on the name badge to identify them.

Design Options

Please select the option that works best for your needs. Denton Depot has all five options available.

Option 1

A TWU Name Badge

Option 2

A TWU Name Badge

Option 3

A TWU Name Badge

Option 4

A TWU Name Badge

Option 5

A TWU Name Badge


  1. You may add any academic credentials after your name.
    Example “FirstName LastName, Ph.D.”
  2. You may have your department, title or academic credentials on the first line under your name.
  3. The optional second line can be used for any other information
  4. Options 4 and 5 are recommended for those who have multiple academic credentials or extra-long titles or departments.


If you have questions regarding name badges, email

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