Email Signatures

Marketing suggests using the web font Trebuchet which is standard on everyone’s computer. Arial compliments the fonts used in the new TWU branding.

Option 1

An email signature

Option 1 Logo File [PNG]

Option 2

An email signature

Option 2 Logo File [PNG]

Suggested font sizes

Due to differences in computer resolution, fonts may appear different from computer to computer. Adjust point sizes as needed.

Your Name: Arial, 12pt, All Caps, Bold
Your Title: Arial, 11pt
Your Department: Arial, 11pt
Phone Numbers: Arial, 11pt, vertical line not a slash to separate numbers

Suggested number descriptions

These are formatted in bold.

  • P: Phone
  • F: Fax
  • C: Cell
  • O: Office
  • CLINIC: Clinic

You can personalize your email signature to fit your department’s needs.

Helpful hints

  • Short email signatures work best for finding pertinent information
  • Try to refrain from adding personal touches to your email

Page last updated 11:58 AM, November 16, 2021