Parking changes to affect remote lot, shuttle stop

Mar. 5, 2024 — DENTON — For the remainder of the 2023-2024 academic year, the university will offer free parking (no decal required) in the North Loop lot. 

As part of the construction project for the new Bezos Academy, the free remote lot, located on the corner of Frame and Woodland St., will permanently close on Friday, Mar. 8. 

The North Loop lot, which has remained mostly empty for the semester, offers 523 parking spaces, more than double the space available in the remote lot. 

After spring break, shuttle service will resume from the North Loop lot starting Monday, Mar. 18. The shuttle stop will be near the south end of the North Loop lot, which may be accessed via Ruddell St. 

North Loop Lot with shuttle stop and Ruddell entrance highlightedIllustration is not to scale. Shuttle stop is approximate.


Page last updated 9:20 AM, March 6, 2024