Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bachelor of General Studies?

The BGS degree is a multidisciplinary degree intended to provide flexibility for students seeking to complete a bachelor's degree in a non-traditional format, offered through the College of Arts and Sciences.

Can the BGS degree be completed 100% online?

Depending on your concentration, all upper-division course work for this degree can be completed 100% online, hybrid, or face-to-face. Courses in the Visual Arts, History and Math are not available online but can be taken on the Denton campus.

Who should consider a BGS degree?

  • A working adult who needs a more flexible and convenient degree plan.
  • A student looking to complete a degree to move into a new position/career.
  • A first-time in college student who would like to study in more than one area.
  • A distance learner who needs to complete a degree 100% online.

What can I do with a Bachelor of General Studies degree?

There are endless opportunities for students with a BGS degree. Employees with a BGS degree have exceptional critical thinking skills due to the unique knowledge base in multiple areas of study. BGS students can tailor their degree plan based on fields of interest.

What are some popular concentration combinations?

  • Visual Arts/Business – careers in web design, social media, marketing
  • Business/Health Studies – careers in hospital administration, community health outreach, medical office manager
  • Criminal Justice/Sociology – careers as a probation officer, criminal investigator, paralegal, victims’ advocate
  • Computer Science/Math – careers in information technology, business analyst, software engineering
  • Multicultural Women’s & Gender Studies/Sociology – careers as a human rights advocate, nurse midwife, work in shelters for victims of domestic violence, nonprofit organization leader

Can I apply if I have not completed the Texas Core Curriculum?

Transfer students may begin the BGS degree without compleing the Texas Core Curriculum requirements. We highly recommend that you complete most, if not all, of your core requirements before you begin advanced level coursework. If your transcript from a transferring institution notes that you are Core Complete, then you have met TWU's core and will not be required to take additional core courses at TWU. First time in college students will be expected to complete the Texas Core Curriculum within the first two years at TWU.

How do I know if I have completed the Texas Core Curriculum as a transfer student?

  • Your official transcript from another Texas public institution of higher learning should indicate that you are “Core Complete.” If not, you need to contact your previous school to determine if you are core complete.
  • TWU will accept an official letter from a Texas public institution confirming core completion as well.
  • If you need to complete additional core coursework, an academic advisor from the General Studies Program will help you determine which courses are needed.

It's been a while since I last attended college. How will I know if my courses transfer to TWU?

There is no expiration date for transfer college-level courses; however, not all courses may be transferrable to TWU. A degree plan evaluator from the Office of Admissions Processing will check transferability to TWU once the student has applied and all official transcripts have been received.

Is there tutoring assistance available to students in the General Studies Program?

The Write Site offers individualized and computer-aided writing and language instruction and programs on writing-related topics. The Science Learning Resource Center offers help for students taking courses in biology, chemistry and physics. The Dr. Don Edwards Mathematics & Technology Success Center provides free tutoring for lower level math and computer science courses. Student may also receive assistance through Academic Coaching.

How many hours can I transfer to TWU?

You may transfer up to 90 hours from a two-year institution. There is no maximum number of hours from a four-year institution.

How many hours will I need to graduate with a BGS degree?

A minimum of 120 hours of college-level course work is required.

How many hours must be completed at TWU?

At least 25% of credit hours on the student's approved degree plan must be completed at TWU. Because the bachelor's degree requires a minimum of 120 credit hours, a minimum of 30 credit hours must be completed at TWU. At least half of the advanced level courses in each concentration area must be completed at TWU.

Do I have to declare a minor?

A minor is not required for the BGS degree.

How many concentration areas are offered and what are they?

Each student must select 2 or 3 concentration areas from Business, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, English, Health Studies, *History, *Math, Multicultural Women’s & Gender Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and *Visual Arts.

* concentration area is only offered on the Denton campus.

How many hours must be completed in the concentration areas?

Each student must complete either 12 advanced level hours in each of three areas of concentration or 18 advanced level hours in each of two areas of concentration.

Will I have an academic advisor for each concentration area?

No, your BGS advisor will assist you with all concentration areas and any questions you may have regarding prerequisites and grade requirements.

Can I take classes evenings or weekends?

Although there have previously been evening offerings for face-to-face courses on the Denton campus, there have not been many evening courses offered in recent semesters. Currently there are no weekend classes available in the General Studies Program.

How does an online course work?

Online classes at TWU are highly interactive. Instructors use Canvas for posting lectures and reading assignments. Students participate through discussion boards and/or chat rooms and email. Learn more about online learning at TWU.

How much does it cost to enroll in a course at TWU?

The Tuition & Fees Estimator will help you determine an estimated cost of tuition and fees for one semester at TWU. For additional information, you may also contact the Bursar’s Office at 940-898-3570.

How do I apply to TWU?

All new students seeking admission to the General Studies Program must submit a completed application via There is a $50 application fee. Please be sure to request all official transcripts from institutions of higher learning. For additional information on how to apply, please contact the Admissions Office at 866-809-6130 or 940-898-3188.

Who do I contact for more information about the Bachelor of General Studies degree?

Contact the BGS academic advisor via email at

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