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Course Number Title Format
BUS 3013 Business Law and Ethics Online
BUS 3163 Business Communication Online
BUS 3183 Intro to International Business Online
BUS 3513 Prof. Presentation Strategies On Campus
BUS 4903 Selected Topics Online
FIN 4253 Financial Planning Online
HCA 3003 Intro to Healthcare Admin Online
HCA 3113 Healthcare Accounting Online
HCA 3123 Healthcare Finance Online
HCA 4123 Healthcare Economics Online
HCA 4223 Global Aspects of Healthcare Online
HCA 4553 Healthcare Law & Policy Online
MGT 3003 Principles of Management Online
MGT 3243 Entrepreneurship Online
MGT 3253 Labor Management Relations Online
MGT 3273 Human Resource Management Online
MGT 3533 Management Info. Systems Online
MGT 4013 Alternative Dispute Resolution Online
MGT 4103 Training and Development Online
MGT 4223 Human Behavior in Bus Admin Online
MGT 4273 Management of Compensation Online
MGT 4293 International HR Management Online
MGT 4303 Employment Staffing Online
MGT 4343 Bus Leadership Strategies Online
MGT 4453 Legal Issues in HR Management Online
MGT 4523 Diversity in Organizations Online
MKT 3113 Principles of Marketing Online
MKT 4053 Advertising Ethics Online
MKT 4093 Principles of Selling Online
MKT 4153 Services Marketing Online
MKT 4213 Consumer Behavior Online
MKT 4503 Internet Marketing Online
MKT 4093 Principles of Selling Online

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