Computer Science

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Course Number Description Format
CSCI 1421 Programming Fundamentals I-Laboratory (Co-requisite CSCI 1423) On Campus Pre-requisite
CSCI 1423 Programming Fundamentals I (Co-requisite CSCI 1421) On Campus Pre-requisite
CSCI 2493 Programming Fundamentals II On Campus Pre-requisite
CSCI 3013 Applied Computational Thinking Online
CSCI 3053 Data Structures Hybrid
CSCI 3103 Applied Computer Graphics On Campus
CSCI 3313 App Development for Mobile Devices On Campus
CSCI 3323 Robotic Design and Development On Campus
CSCI 3353 Interactive Digital Art On Campus
CSCI 3413 Software Engineering Online
CSCI 3423 Database Management Online
CSCI 3503 Operating Systems On Campus
CSCI 3513 Information Systems Project Management Online
CSCI 3703 Interface Design and Development Online
CSCI 3803 Website Development Online
CSCI 4303 Advanced Modeling and Visualization On Campus
CSCI 4313 Networking and Data Communication Hybrid
CSCI 4343 Digital Forensics Online
CSCI 4353 Advanced Interactive Digital Art On Campus
CSCI 4463 Ethical Hacking and Systems Defense On Campus
CSCI 4513 Data Warehousing On Campus
CSCI 4533 Trends and Issues in Computer Science Online
CSCI 4623 Big Data and High Performance Computing On Campus
CSCI 4723 Machine Learning Online
CSCI 4803 Programming for the Web Online
CSCI 4823 Principles of Data Mining Online

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