Computer Science

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Course NumberTitleFormat
CSCI 3053 Data Structures On Campus
CSCI 3103 Applied Computer Graphics Online
CSCI 3333 Fund. of Software Testing Online
CSCI 3413 Software Engineering Online
CSCI 3423 Database Management Online
CSCI 3443 Digital Logic and Comp. Archit. On Campus
CSCI 3493 Systems Programming On Campus
CSCI 3613 Introduction to Algorithms On Campus
CSCI 3803 Web Site Development Online
CSCI 4303 Advanced Modeling and Visual Online
CSCI 4313 Networking and Data Comm. Online
CSCI 4523 Advanced Data Design Online
CSCI 4533 Trends and Issues in CSCI Variable content- 
sometimes online,
sometimes on campus

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