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Course NumberTitleFormat
ENG 3013 British Lit to 1760 Online
ENG 3023 British Lit from 1760 to Present Online
ENG 3033 Intro to World Literature Online
ENG 3043 Drama On Campus
ENG 3053 Fiction On Campus
ENG 3063 Poetry On Campus
ENG 3073 Literature by Women Online
ENG 3113 Intro. to English Studies On Campus
ENG 3123 Creative Writing  On Campus
ENG 3153 American Ethic Literature Online
ENG 3203 Advanced Grammar and Composition Online
ENG 3273 Film and Literature Online
ENG 3283 American Literature Online
ENG 3363 Intro. to Linguistics On Campus
ENG 3433 Professional Writing Online
ENG 4903 Selected Topics Varies

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