Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies

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Course NumberTitleFormat
*WS 2013 Gender and Social Change Online- Pre-requisite
WS 3023 U.S. Women of Color Online
WS 3063 Women in Politics Online
WS 3073 Literature by Women Online
WS 3083 Ethics and Feminism  On Campus
WS 3193 Women and Western Religions On Campus
WS 3213 Woman's Roles Online
WS 3223 Women, Crime, and Justice Online
WS 3343 Women in the Visual Arts On Campus
WS 3393 Law for Women  Hybrid
WS 3073 Women in Music Online
WS 4013 Texts, Trends, and Issues Online
WS 4023 Sexualities and Identities On Campus
WS 4113 The Family Online
WS 4203 Family Violence and Sexual Assault On Campus
*WS 4493 Feminist Theory Online- Required Course

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