Criminal Justice

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Course NumberTitleFormat
GOV 3123 Legal Research On Campus
GOV 3133 Legal Research II On Campus
GOV 3153 Legal Environment Hybrid
GOV 3233 Police, Policies, and Practices Online
GOV 3243 Criminal Law Online
GOV 3253 Criminal Evidence and Procedure Online
GOV 3393 Gender, Identity, And The Law Hybrid
GOV 4073 Con Law: Govt. Structure Online
GOV 4083 Con Law: Individual Rights Online
GOV 4093 Constitutional Rights & Criminal Justice Online 
SOCI 3003 Theories of Crime Online
SOCI 3043 Deviant Behavior Online
SOCI 3093 Racial and Ethnic Groups Online
SOCI 3113 Juvenile Delinquency Online
SOCI 3223 Women, Crime, and Justice Online
SOCI 4013 The Family Online
SOCI 4303 Correctional Systems Online
SOCI 4903 Introduction to Criminal Justice Online

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