Visual Arts

Other Art courses may be taken with BGS departmental approval. All course prerequisites must be met before enrolling in any approved Art course. Only grades of C or better will be accepted in any 3000-4000 level Art course.

All of these courses are delivered on the Denton campus.

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Course NumberTitleFormat
ART 3053 Global Perspectives in Art  On campus 
ART 3103 History of Graphic Design  On campus 
ART 3173 Contemporary Issues in Art  On campus 
ART 3343 Women in the Visual Arts  On campus 
ART 3353 Interactive Digital Art  On campus 
ART 3393 Professional Practices for Visual Arts  On campus 
ART 3673 Sculpture: Installation Art  On campus 
ART 3793 Ceramics: Functional  On campus 
ART 3893 Ceramics: Sculptural  On campus 

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