Meet the Staff

The CARE Office is staffed by caring and compassionate professionals who aim to support and serve the needs of the diverse community which calls Texas Woman’s University home. Our goal is to assist you in reaching your goals by providing and/or connecting you to resources specific to your needs. Stop by to see us, or make an appointment so we can connect.

CARE Staff

Amy O'Keefe
Executive Director

  • Favorite TWU spot: Little Chapel and also the front row at Commencement
  • Favorite Podcast: Sibling Revelry, My Favorite Murder and AlmaMother
  • Hobbies & Interests: Capers and surprises, dinner parties and mystery books

Jessica Burchfield
Associate Director

  • Favorite TWU spot: The Texas Pond and the Library looking up in the rotunda.
  • Favorite Podcast: My Favorite Murder and Enneagram for Idiots
  • Hobbies & Interests: I am a huge plant person!

Delaney Farris-Dyer
SUCCESS Project Coordinator

  • Favorite TWU Spot: Greenhouse Lawn & Gardens
  • Favorite Podcast: My Favorite Murder & Gravy by the Southern Foodways Alliance
  • Hobbies & Interests: Vegetable gardening, hiking, trying new recipes

Graduate Assistants

Kira Damewood

Student Assistants

Jennifer Shealey
Kaitlyn Radley

Lily Croix-Blust
Perla Flores-Rodriguez

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