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TWU developing technology to improve quality of life for clients “living in place”

A new app aims to make home assessments easier for clinicians and home owners, while providing more consistent and thorough results. Male therapist using iPad app with elderly client

Journal of Museum Education publishes TWU OT professor's sensory research

"Can sensory gallery guides for children with sensory processing challenges improve their museum experience?"

Tina S. Fletcher, associate professor of occupational therapy at Texas Woman's University, Amanda B. Blake and Kathleen E. Shelffo explore whether museum gallery guides for sensory avoiders and seekers could be utilized with children with sensory sensitivities to help them prepare for and participate in museum experiences. Results showed combining both sensory avoiding and seeking gallery guides into one sensory friendly gallery guide can have a positive impact on a child’s museum experience. 

TWU Dallas occupational therapy students host "A Show of Hands" exhibit

The "A Show of Hands" exhibit marks the end of the first semester of school for TWU Dallas occupational therapy students (OT 5132: Persons, Tools and Occupations). Like the experience of hand casting, the journey toward becoming an occupational therapist is marked by periods of intense activity, excitement, frustration, pleasure and contemplation.

Hands exhibit

As is typical for endeavors associated with the field of occupational therapy, the process and outcome of hand casting reflects a complex blend of science and artistry. Hand casts may serve as a form of medical documentation, as an essential component of creating prosthetics and orthotics, or may contribute to reducing scar tissue formation by enabling therapists to create customized splints that supply sustained pressure to burned skin.

According to associate professor Tina Fletcher, "there is also no denying the psychosocial aspect of creating an image of oneself. The occupational therapy students have taken the complex process of alginate and Hydrostone casting to another level through their display of expressive hand gestures and the inclusion of objects that reflect who they were, are now, and someday hope to be."

OT students partner with Dallas Arboretum for Sensory Friendly Family Day

When the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden hosted its Autumn at the Arboretum Sensory Friendly Family Day on Sunday, Nov. 5., students from Texas Woman’s University’s School of Occupational Therapy were there to help guests as they explored special sensory-friendly exhibits.

2 OT students engage in a bubble activity with children
TWU occupational therapy students host an interactive bubble activity for families visiting the Dallas Arboretum.


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Occupational Therapy Alumni League of Leaders (OT-ALL)


The OT-ALL Award will increase opportunities for occupational therapists to assume positions of leadership that serve to advance occupational therapy.

The OT-ALL Award honors and acknowledges TWU occupational therapy alumni united in common interest, who make a commitment to lead by example and work in the community to contribute to the vision of the Vanderkooi Endowed Lectureship, serve the profession and the community to promote health and participation.

Members of Occupational Therapy Alumni League of Leaders

Charter Members

Virginia Chandler Dykes

Virginia Chandler Dykes

Reginia Michael Campbell

Regina Michael Campbell

2018 Cohort Members

April Mazur, MOT, OTR/L, Denton Graduate

Denton graduate, April Mazur

One of the most important skills you can possess as a leader is curiosity - a desire to continue learning. As a student at TWU, this came easy. However, after graduation as you develop your clinical skills as a practitioner and become more confident, the eagerness to learn begins to wane. My mission as an aspiring leader is to facilitate collaboration among students, new graduates, and seasoned clinicians so that we can engage one another in a community of mentorship and learning - and curiosity! The vision of OT-ALL is in alignment with my professional goals, and I look forward to membership in a league of leaders who share my enthusiasm for giving back to our profession.

Andrea Broussard, Dallas Graduate

Andrea Broussard, Dallas Graduate

My long-term vision, as I gain years of experience, is to collaborate with teams of neonatal therapists to continue pioneering interventions that improve long-term outcomes for these most delicate neonates, to optimize their potential for function and fulfillment over the course of their lives. I have a great deal to learn, which makes me acutely aware of how important it is to belong to the larger occupational therapy community and to pursue learning opportunities in multiple forms, including research, presentations, observation, collaboration, mentorship, and classes.  I see this formative phase of OT-ALL as the beginning of a network of TWU alumni practitioners with common values who will together create a fabric of support and service in the broader community.

Salam Hooshmand, Houston Graduate

Salam Hooshmand

As occupational therapists, we empower people to participate in their valued activities. This is a privilege. I consider my membership in the profession of occupational therapy and OT-ALL as a privilege and an honor.  We often perceive privilege and responsibility as separate; with privilege as an honor, and responsibility as a burden. I believe the two attributes are interwoven: responsibility that comes with privilege is yet another privilege. I sought membership in OT-ALL because leaders in occupational therapy must acknowledge the privilege it is to be an occupational therapist and must take responsibility to advance the profession. It is my responsibility to maintain membership and support professional and community organizations. It is not enough, however, to simply be a member; truly acknowledging the privilege it is to be an occupational therapist requires active participation and leading by example.

2017 Cohort Members

Jared Gamble, Dallas Graduate

Marie Garza, Dallas Graduate

Catherine Graves, Houston Graduate


As a recent graduate of TWU's OT program, you are invited to consider joining OT-Alumni League of Leaders (OT-ALL). Virginia Chandler Dykes established the annual OT-ALL Award to honor Regina Michael Campbell, faculty emerita, for 15 years of service as Chair of the Vanderkooi Endowed Lectureship Committee. Members commit to leading by example and working in the community to contribute to the vision of the Vanderkooi Endowed Lectureship and to serving the profession and the community to promote health and participation. The new alumni leader is expected to serve as a catalyst to promote and support a league of leaders founded on commitment, relationship building and accountability to colleagues, clients and members of the community.

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