Camp Based Augmented CIMT Guide

Children and staff at Pirate Camp
The Camp Based Augmented CIMT guide describes and defines the manualized process utilized to implement constraint induced movement therapy (CIMT) in a camp model. This guide was developed for children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy (hCP) ages 5-12 years as part of a research study conducted at Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in collaboration with Texas Woman’s University.
The guide provides:
  • an overview of the evidence-based components of pediatric CIMT
  • an explanation and examples of the key elements of the camp-based CIMT program including a fidelity checklist
  • practical tools to be used to prepare for a CIMT camp
  • information on training interventionists that will assist with implementing CIMT in a camp model 

Camp Based Augmented CIMT Manual - English (PDF)

Camp Based Augmented CIMT Manual - Spanish (PDF)

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