Recent Publications

Our faculty’s accomplishments extend far beyond the classroom. They regularly contribute scholarly works to advance the field of occupational therapy. Here are some of the latest examples.

Faculty and Student-Lead Publications (2022-23)

Chang, P., Tsai, K., Richard, C., Davidson, H., & Hersch, G. (2022).  Rest and Sleep Patterns and Activities of Residents in Long-term Care Facilities: A Descriptive Study.   Open Journal of Occupational Therapy (Online).  

Chow, J. K., Pickens, N., Fletcher, T., Bowyer, P., & Thompson, M. (2022).  Missed Opportunities to Ease Suffering: An Explanatory Model of Occupational Therapy Utilization in End-of-Life Care.   American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine.    

Chow, J. K., Pickens, N. D., Fletcher, T., Thompson, M., & Bowyer, P. (2023).  ""You've Got to Do Something": Developing Occupational Therapists' Role in End-of-Life Care.".   Occupational Therapy Journal of Research, 43 (1), 109-118.   

Evetts, C., & Fletcher, T. (2023).  Healthy Weavers: Strategies for the Mind and Spirit.   Handwoven Magazine, 30-31.

Evetts, C., & Fletcher, T. (2023).  Healthy weavers: Helping eyes and hands find their weaving sweet spot.   Handwoven Magazine, XLIV (2), 22-24.

Evetts, C., & Fletcher, T. (2022).  Healthy weavers: Using ergonomics for comfortable weaving.   Handwoven Magazine, XLII (5), 24-26 

Goffredo, C. A., Bowyer, P., & Reis, H. I. (2022).  Pediatric Occupational Therapists and Occupational Stress: A Scoping Review.   Occupational Therapy in Health Care, 1-15

Hintz, L., Fletcher, T., Cahill, S., & Poskey, G. (2022).  Teachers' Experiences with Occupational Therapy Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: A Qualitative Study.   Journal of Occupational Therapy, Schools and Early Intervention: Innovations in Practice, Theory, and Research.     

Hollingsworth, C., Boyette, V., Rich, E., & Vas, A. K. (2022).  Cognition and Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS): Participant-Identified Challenges and Strategies, and Implications for Intervention.   Occupational Therapy in Health Care.

Karen, K. E., & Evetts, C. L. (2023).  Everyday aesthetics from an occupational perspective.   Journal of Occupational Science.  

McKay, M. H., Pickens, N. D., Medley, S. A., Burns, S. P., Chow, J. K., Cooper, David; Evetts, Cynthia L. (2022).  Occupational Adaptation as a Social Process for Dementia Care Teams.   Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 30 (3), 384-397.

Rich, E., Vas, A. K., Boyette, V., & Hollingsworth, C. (2022).  Daily Life Experiences: Challenges, Strategies, and Implications for Therapy in Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).   Occupational Therapy in Health Care.  

Sit, W., Wheeler, C., & Pickens, N. D. (2022).  Occupational Therapy in Primary Health Care for Underserved Populations: A Scoping Review.   Occupational Therapy in Health Care: A Journal of Contemporary Practice.    

Tkach, M. M., Bowyer, P., Neville, M., Wolf, T. J., & Goodman, G. R. (2023).  Predictors of Hospital Readmissions for People with Chronic Conditions.   The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy, 11 (1).    

Tripp, M., & Fletcher, T. (2022).  Enhancing Community Participation with Autism Accessibility Audits.   Autism Parenting Magazine (42), 62-65.   

Vas, A. K., Rich, E., Wang, W., Patterson, M., & Parsons, T. (2022).  Daily Functionality: Predictive Factors in Adults with POTS.   Occupational Therapy in Health Care.  

Vas, A. K., Spees, S., Wang, W., & Chambers, K. (2022).  Cognitive-physical-functional correlates in chronic brain injury: a pilot study. Advances in Rehabilitation.   

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