Leading Through Excellence

The faculty of the School of Occupational Therapy at Texas Woman’s University believes that creative adaptation solves unique occupational challenges.

The School of Occupational Therapy engages in innovative research and discovery around occupation and adaptation in the context of clients’ lives. Our faculty provides mentoring in scholarship for developing occupational therapy leaders through research and community collaborations locally and globally. The faculty’s research supports the mission of the School of Occupational Therapy by providing students with opportunities to learn, serve and produce research to advance practice to enhance well-being among all people, populations and communities.

Translation of constraint induced movement therapy (CIMT)
Knowledge to Practice

Translating knowledge gained from research to shape clinician training and clinical practice.

sensory experience for child with autism
Occupational Participation in Local and Global Contexts

Understanding the impact of contexts and environments on occupation and lived experiences.

Three TWU OT students discuss care options with an elderly woman in a wheelchair
Occupational Adaptation and Participation

Promoting adaptive responses within individuals and exploring the impact on participation.

Therapy Together program student and child
Neurodevelopment: Occupation through the Lifespan

Assessments and interventions aimed to improve occupational performance for individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions.

An occupational therapy student assists a man with everyday household tasks
Community Engagement

Investigation of the impact of therapeutic interventions on independence and community engagement.

A group of medical professionals discuss options with an elderly patient in a wheelchair
Productive Aging

Exploration of lived experiences of older adults and the impact of occupation based interventions.

PhD Candidates

Learn about our current PhD candidates and their exciting research.