Accreditation and Accountability

Recognition, Accreditation, and Accountability

The Texas Woman’s University (TWU) is one of 118 educator preparation programs within the state of Texas accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), and the TWU Educator Preparation Program is accredited by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Programs within the College of Professional Education are accredited by nationally recognized bodies.

The Counseling Program is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Programs (CACREP). The School of Library and Information Studies is accredited by the American Library Association.

Title II Report

The Title II State Reports include data that states reported to the Department in October. For many data elements, such as the number of individuals enrolled in teacher preparation programs, states reported on previous academic year data. For other data elements, such as the admission requirements for each teacher preparation program and descriptions of the state's alternative routes to a teacher credential, states reported on the most current information available.

Accountability System for Educator Preparation

Approved educator preparation programs (EPPs) annually provide the Texas Education Agency and State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) information about their programs as mandated in Texas Education Code Section 21.045 and 21.0452. This data is used to calculate the indicators in the Accountability System for Educator Preparation (ASEP).

For more about ASEP and the performance indicators, visit the TAC 229.4 or Consumer Information about Educator Preparation Programs. To see where these EPPs are located throughout the state, visit TEA’s interactive map. Annual educator preparation program reports are brief, 3-page documents that provide a comprehensive view of each Texas educator preparation program, including accreditation and consumer information data, in accordance with Texas Education Code 21.0452.

Compliance Reports for Educator Preparation Programs

According to Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §228.10(c), all entities approved by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) must be reviewed every five years. Additionally, Texas Education Agency staff may conduct a discretionary review at any time. Per TAC §228.1(c), all educator preparation programs (EPPs) are subject to identical standards of accountability, as required under TAC Chapter 229. The Texas Education Agency administers Texas Administrative Code required by the Texas Legislature for the regulation of all educator preparation programs in the state.

2018-19 Texas Woman's University

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Group# of Test Takers# of Tests Taken# of Tests Passed% of Tests Passed
All 262 139 136 98
Female 253 131 128 98
Male * * * 100
African-American 12 10 10 100
Hispanic 68 45 42 93
Other 10 7 7 100
White 172 77 77 100

*Not reported to protect subgroups with fewer than 10 students

Result of the Certification Examinations

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2017- 18 Texas Woman's University

Group# of Test Takers# of Tests Taken# of Tests Passed% of Tests Passed
All 144 137 135 99
Female 135 126 124 98
Male       100
African-American       100
Hispanic 44 47 46 98
Other       100
White 87 78 77 99

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2016-17 Texas Woman's University

Group# of Test Takers# of Tests Taken# of Tests Passed% of Tests Passed
All  395  840  773  92 
Female  374  795  731  92 
Male  21  45  42  93 
African-American  45  100  73  73 
Hispanic  95  222  205  92 
Other  25  54  42  78 
White  230  464  453  98 

Annual LBB Performance Measure Report

Educator preparation programs at public colleges and universities are required to report certification rates of teacher education graduates to the Legislative Budget Board (LBB). The Annual LBB Performance Report provides the state and federal governments with a certification rate for traditional undergraduate completers. This measure is used to provide an indicator of the effectiveness of an undergraduate teacher education program’s production of certified educators.

TWU’s Education Preparation Program (EPP) incorporated in the clinical teaching experience semester procedures for candidates to official apply for their Texas standard certificate as they prepare to exit the program. This allowed candidates to be educated and encouraged to fulfill their professional obligations of completing their certification for the profession. In addition, the EPP followed up and encouraged candidates to complete their fingerprinting and other necessary requirements to obtain their certification.

Academic YearTotal Teacher Education GraduatedTotal Graduates CertifiedCertification RateNot Certified But RecommendedNot Recommended But TestedNot Recommended or Tested
2010-11 288 260 90.3% 3 16 9
2011-12 286 230 80.4% 7 39  10 
2012-13 279 229 82.1% 0 35  15 
2013-14 255 229 89.8% 2 15 
2014-15 215 191 88.8% 3 20 
2015-16 225 212 94.2% 1 12 
2016-17 243 218 89.7% 0 25 
2017-18 235 212 90.2% 0 23 0
2018-19 186 170 91.4% 0 16 0
2019-20 152 144 94.7% 1 6 1

TWU EPP Candidate Exit Survey

In order to fulfill the requirements of Texas Education Code 21.045 and Texas Administration Code (TAC) Chapter 229, the Texas Education Agency is required to collect data through the distribution of a survey to all individuals who have completed an educator preparation program. The purpose of this survey, initiated by the Texas Education Agency, is to evaluate the effectiveness of educator preparation programs.

Candidate Exit Survey Questions

TWU EPP Alignment to International Society for Technology in Education Standards

Teacher Shortage Areas and Loan Forgiveness Programs

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