Faculty and Staff

Core Faculty

Beins, Agatha, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Office: WH 307L
Phone: 940-898-2117
Email: abeins@twu.edu 
On leave for Spring 2020

Bejarano, Christina, Ph.D.Professor and Chair
Phone: 940-898-2255
Email: cbejarano@twu.edu 

Keating, AnaLouise, Ph.D., Professor
Office: WH 307K
Phone: 940-898-2129
Email: akeating@twu.edu

Kessler, Mark, Ph.D., Professor
Office: WH 307E
Phone: 940-898-2112
Email: mkessler@twu.edu

Phillips-Cunningham, Danielle, Ph.D.Associate Professor
Office: WH 307F
Phone: 940-898-2746
Email: dphillips3@twu.edu 

Sahlin, Claire, Ph.D., Cornaro Professor and Associate Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences
Office: CFO 1202
Phone: 940-898-3329
Email: csahlin@twu.edu

Core Staff

Morales, Jillian N., Senior Secretary
Office: WH 307H
Phone: 940-898-2119
Email: jmorales1@twu.edu

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