News and Announcements

TWU student participates in anti-Asian racism book launch

TWU PhD student Eileen Chung was a featured participant in the book launch for Global Anti-Asian Racism, a volume of shorts by 13 authors edited by Jennifer Ho.  The launch took place Feb. 28, 2024.

Stina Soderling, PhD, joins MWGS

Stina Soderling, PhD, will join MWGS in August 2023.

With a PhD in Women’s and Gender Studies from Rutgers University and, most recently, serving as the Elihu Root Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor Women’s and Gender Studies at Hamilton College, Soderling brings a depth and breadth of experience in the field. Her research focuses on Rural Queer Studies, with a focus on the U.S. South, and she also writes and teaches about feminist pedagogies and methodologies, the field of women’s and gender studies and queer temporalities. We are delighted that Stina Soderling will be part of MWGS and look forward to working and learning with her.

MWGS grad Garza co-writes Fundraiser Bill of Rights

MWGS MA graduate Amelia Garza co-wrote "The Fundraiser Bill of Rights," which was recently published as part of The Fundraising Reader, edited by Beth Breeze, Donna Day Lafferty and Pamala Wiepking.

The Fundraising Reader draws together essential literature establishing a one-stop body of knowledge that explains what fundraising is and covers key concepts, principles and debates. The book shines a light on the experience of being a fundraiser and answers an urgent need to engage with the complexities of a facet of the non-profit sector that is often neglected or not properly understood.

Keating to edit Pioneering Women: Leaders and Trailblazers

AnaLouise Keating, PhD, has been appointed as general editor of the Texas Woman’s book series, Pioneering Women: Leaders and Trailblazers.

Under the guidance of the Jane Nelson Institute for Women’s Leadership, this book series is an interdisciplinary project celebrating the personal and public lives and work of courageous trailblazing women in fields such as the arts, sciences, politics, business, education, the military, health sciences and community service.

MWGS MA grad speaks at TWU

Nationally recognized media scholar and TWU alum (MA ‘09), Tara L. Conley, PhD, presents Social Media for Thought Leadership in Higher Education: A Guided Workshop. Guided by critical media literacy and narrative justice principles, Conley will share insights based on her research and work over the past decade, both inside and outside of the classroom.