Global Partners & Student Opportunities

The Center for Global Nursing works to establish partnerships with other nursing learning institutes and medical care facilities across the globe for the sole purpose of engaging in and fostering nursing scholarship. Through these partnerships, we are able to share best practices, learn from one another, celebrate cultural differences and unite under our shared experiences in nursing fellowship. 

The CGN members have worked hard to build and foster our these global partnerships. To date, the CGN has established memorandums of understanding (MOU) or affiliations with universities and medical facilities in 11 countries. 

Collaborative opportunities

The following collaborative opportunities are available. Please contact the Director, Dr. Joan Edwards ( for more information:

  • Development of research skills and evidence-based research/projects (see Research link: Pakistan, Peru, South Africa, Spain)
  • Assessment of undergraduate nursing curriculum based on 2009 WHO Global Standards for Initial Education of Professional Nurses.  Consultative services to ascertain congruency with the 2009 WHO document and develop a plan/timeline to achieve congruency if indicated (example: Indonesia)
  • Assistance with development of Graduate nurse programs at the Masters and Doctoral level
  • Nursing Faculty and nurse practice capacity building in the areas of teaching, service and scholarship (examples: Indonesia, Netherlands, Peru; also Visiting Scholars link)
  • Education Abroad experiences for faculty and undergraduate/graduate nursing students and professional nurses (see nursing student courses; China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Peru, Vietnam)
  • Visiting scholar opportunities geared to the needs of the learner (visit link for Visiting Scholars/International Nursing Students for examples)
  • Collaborative International Conferences (example – China, Indonesia, Netherlands, Peru, Vietnam)
  • Currently 12 MOU’s with collaborating universities and/or health care facilities (1st MOU was initiated between Rotterdam University, The Netherlands and Texas Woman’s University in 2006)
  • Strengthening or initiating professional nursing organizations (example - Peru)
  • Consultation services for health care facilities and nursing programs (Indonesia, Peru)
  • Additional proposals for collaboration

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