Center for Global Nursing

Nursing is without borders, impacting the health of young and old, rich and poor, individuals, families, communities and nations throughout the world. The Center for Global Nursing facilitates nursing students, faculty, alumni and community partners to become exceptional citizens in a global society.

Global Partnerships

The Center for Global Nursing has been promoting global health and nursing education since 2001, forming longstanding partnerships that make a difference for the healthcare workforce and world health.

  • A partnership with Daejeon Health Sciences College brings nursing students from Korea for a 2-week visit to learn about critical cardiovascular disorders and women’s health.
  • Academic curriculum requirements join nurse practitioner students with their counterparts at Rotterdam University in The Netherlands to collaborate on case study discussions and presentations.
  • TWU faculty assist in a World Health Organization-funded research study at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa to test an intervention for women abused during pregnancy.
  • Four years of collaborative activities between CGN and several universities with nursing programs in Peru have provided rich student experiences and research projects that will begin in 2018.
  • Similar health care concerns provide instant connections between health care colleagues in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and CGN.

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Our commitments with nursing colleagues around the world are long-term. Very little can be accomplished in one short visit. Relationship building, mutual respect, caring and appreciation are key. Joan Edwards, PhD, Director of TX Woman's Center for Global Nursing

Visiting Scholars and International Programs

Nursing scholars from around the world come to TWU College of Nursing to share their insights and enrich our global perspective. 2017 visiting scholars include:

  • Jianhong (Amy) Qiao, M(Med) Nursing, B(Med) Nursing from Shandong, China
  • Mijong Kim, PhD, MS, BS from Daejeon, Korea

In addition, nurses living outside the United States are invited to Texas through our International Health Professions Nurse Mentor Program. The program pairs visiting nurses with faculty mentors to develop areas of interest or expertise and conduct research.

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International Opportunities

One of the best ways to understand the global nature of our profession is to expand your horizons and experience it in person. Elective courses in 2018 will take students, faculty, alumni and community partners to the Netherlands, Peru, and Indonesia.

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