Country Lead Faculty: Dr. Ho Soon Michelle Cho


TWU faculty members were first involved working with a Korean visiting scholar, Hyunsook Oh from Korea, from January 2002 to December 2002. Drs. Patti Hamilton, Denton Campus and Michelle Cho, Dallas Campus mentored Dr. Oh from Gyeongsang National University(GNU), Dr. Cho’s alma mater. Then, GNU later established an MOU with TWU and thereafter, five Korean Universities have made an MOU with TWU to participate in the Global Nursing Program from 2011 to present.


In January, 2011, eleven students from Daejeon Health Sciences College in Daejeon, Korea cane to the TWU Dallas campus initiate a Global Nursing Program. Dr. Ho Soon Michelle Cho from the TWU Dallas campus spearheaded the collaboration. After an established MOU with TWU, four other universities’ nursing students, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea, Gyeongsang National University and International University, Jinju, Korea, and Kyungsung University, Busan, Korea joined and participated in the program and will continue in the collaboration by sending 13 students from three universities in January, 2018. This will be the sixth year of for the Global Nursing Program.

The two week GNP allows overseas nursing students to have an opportunity to learn about critical cardiovascular disorders and women’s health care and demonstrate nursing skills and knowledge based on evidence-based articles. TWU nursing faculty educate students in English using various teaching modalities and provide the students with cardiovascular disorders and newborn/labor case studies, an informatics case, simulations, virtual IV, and a chance for hospital rounding. Additionally, there are multicultural exchange days in which students are able to learn about other cultures.

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